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We have created a list of National Provincial monuments to help you find things to photograph. How many of these can you find and shoot? Maybe you won't be the one to have the best, prize-winning photograph, but you might be the record-breaker in terms of number of monuments "tagged and bagged" by the end of September!

The List

SAHRA-ID Site name Location Town Erf number Province Significance Visual description
9/2/050/0041 Upper Needs Camp King William's Town District King William's Town 1947 Eastern Cape On the site there are geological deposits containing fossils dating back to the Cretaceous Period. It is the intention to preserve the deposits for future geological research.
9/2/020/0003-001 First Church Hilton, Cathcart District Cathcart Eastern Cape
9/2/033/0009 Rietvlei Rietvlei, Graaff-Reinet District Graaff-Reinet Eastern Cape
9/2/033/0001-006 Hyena trap Bluegum House, Graaff-Reinet District Graaff-Reinet Eastern Cape This corbelled hyena trap was huilt to catch predators. It forms an important material link with the pioneering way of life in South Africa.
9/2/033/0001-004 Nooitgedacht Nooitgedacht, Graaff-Reinet District Graaff-Reinet Eastern Cape
9/2/033/0047 Lettskraal Lettskraal, Graaff-Reinet District Graaff-Reinet 156 Eastern Cape Lettskraal house and farm building are of extreme historical and architectural imporatnce. The former farm of Andries pretorius, before he left on the Great Trek, the complex at Lettskraal, despite their dilapidated conditions are probably the most intact
9/2/059/0002-004 M.O.T.H. Building Maclear Maclear Eastern Cape
9/2/033/0007 Owl House New Street Graaff-Reinet 306 Eastern Cape Karoo type flat roofed house with a stoep to the front. Outstanding garden features including camel yard.
9/2/070/0004 Carl E Froelich's Shop 58 Voortrekker Street Pearston 288 Eastern Cape
9/2/087/0004 22 Victoria Road 22 Victoria Road Steytlerville 174 Eastern Cape A somewhat unusual variation of a Karroo cottage, in tha it does not have a flat roof. The building is in excellent condition.
9/2/346/0008 Old wagon-bridge Jammerbergs Brug, Wepener District Wepener 267 Free State It is a steel arch bridge with sandstone foot pieces.
9/2/316/0011 Swalu Bridge Landdrost, Harrismith District Harrismith 45 Free State It is build out of sandstone.
9/2/337/0013 Birthplace of C R de Wet Kleinfontein, Smithfield District Smithfield 762 Free State These ruins are all that remain of the two-roomed clay cottage where Gen. C. R. de Wet was born on 7 October 1854. He lived here with his parents until the age of five.
9/2/340/0002 Early Sotho settlement Waterval, Ventersburg District Ventersburg 310 Free State This village, which dates from the seventeenth century with its characteristic corbelled huts and stone kraals, is an excellent example of the architecture and way of life of the Leghoya in the Free State. The corbelled huts was built of rocks. The rock walls that was built around the huts was two metres
9/2/302/0001-001 Historic tree-garden President Brand Street Bloemfontein Free State It is trees planted in a garden.
9/2/303/0011 Powder Magazine Boshof Boshof 432 Free State This powder magazine, which was designed by the architect D. E. Wentink in September 1898, is an oblong building that was built of local dolerite stone. It was presumably erected with a view to the impending Anglo-Boer War of 1899 to 1902. It is doleriet building with a low-pitched corrugated iron roof. It has an iron-and-timber door, a
9/2/308/0004 Farm House Clocolan Free State
The Burgher monument South West of Bloemfontein Edenburg 540 Free State Not on file Structures on Property: A monument of blue dolerite (iron stone), erected in 1938, toilets of brick, a few reed-and-grass structures a corrugated iron shed and a donkey-boiler of stone.
9/2/316/0024 Old Toll-bridge Border Bridge and Oranje, Harrismith District Harrismith Free State It is composed of three arches of thirty-three feet four inches, and carries a roadway of eight feet
9/2/331/0003 Karoo-house 4 Justisie Street Philippolis 129 Free State Fairly unchanged example of a typical Karoo-house which is the most characteristic building type of Single storeyed Karoo-house with flat corrugated iron roof behind front parapet wall with moulded co
9/2/262/0013 Old Pumphouse Roodepoort Gauteng
9/2/209/0006 Farmhouse Boksburg Gauteng
9/2/283/0001 No. 4 Borehole and Pullinger Shaft Westonaria Gauteng
9/2/287/0001 Wood and Iron House Wonderboom Gauteng This prefabricated verandaed cottage dating from 1907 is an unuswal example of a wood-and iron Transvaal farmhouse. The speed with which it could be unpacked and erected made it an ideal means of accommodating the owner in a short space of time. The min
9/2/223/0004 Simmer and Jack Mine Houses Germiston Gauteng
9/2/228/0205-001 Grave of Enoch Sontonga Johannesburg Gauteng
9/2/249/0001?? Old School Anderson Street Nigel Gauteng
9/2/258/0018 Rooihuiskraal Battlefield Pretoria Gauteng This property forms part of the Rooihuiskraal Battlefield, where the Battle of Rooihuiskraal took place on 12 February 1881 during the First War of Independence (1880-81). During the war, Pretoria was besieged by Boer forces for a period of 100 days and
9/2/258/0064 Smuts House Pretoria Gauteng Field-Marshal the Rt Hon. J C Smuts, second Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa and a prominent figure in world affairs, lived in this house for a considerable part of his life.
9/2/228/0177 Mandela House Ngakane Street Johannesburg Gauteng
9/2/439/0015 Izotsha River Bridge Port Shepstone District Port Shepstone KwaZulu-Natal "Built in 1907 as part of the Alfred County Railway, the bridge was later converted for narrow-gauge. It is the last iron screww pile railway bridge in KwaZulu-Natal. There are seven piers each with two 15"" cast-iron screw piles, supporting eight 30 plat"
9/2/412/0012/001 John Dube House Ohlange Institution Inanda 253 KwaZulu-Natal The home of John Dube, first president of the ANC, a pioneer educationist, black editor and politica Single storey Natal verandah house with corrugated-iron roof, redbrick walls and gable at each end o
9/2/418/0014 Isivundu House Farm Isivundu, Lower Tugela District Lower Tugela 1954 KwaZulu-Natal Of historical and architectural interest - the mansion dates from c1900 and is one of the few remain Longitudinal house with 'witch's' tower at entrance. Perimeter verandah, very large 1/1 sliding sash
9/2/407/0052 Glacial Pavement Corinthia Road Durban 127 KwaZulu-Natal Historical and scientific interest- The glaciated pavement shows striae on Table Mountain sandstone Crystaline rocks cropping out in a line parallel with the direction of the sea-coast are infringed u
9/2/446/0006-008 The House 49 Arbuckle Street Underberg 14 KwaZulu-Natal A fine, though much altered, example of its type Twin-gabled, square house under IBR roof. Stuccoed walls, variety of windows and doors. Plain triang
9/2/417/0007 Howick Falls , Howick Lions River KwaZulu-Natal 95 metres high and situated close to the village of Howick, established at the old travellers' river
9/2/403/0001 Cycads Monteseel Township Camperdown 906 KwaZulu-Natal Protected indigenous plants
9/2/418/0011 Kearsney Methodist Chapel Farm Kearsney, Lower Tugela District Lower Tugela 14629 KwaZulu-Natal Of historical and architectural interest - designed by Stott & Kirby to serve the growing community East-West aligned church of 5 bays, each separated by a wide, battered buttress and slit windows wit
9/2/448/0019 Old Bantu Administration Building Landdrost Street Vryheid 122 KwaZulu-Natal This rectangular building dates from about 1930 and forms, especially from an architectural point of view, an integral part of the historic core of Vryheid. Rectangular building; smooth white-washed walls (rusticated); corrugated iron roof; eight sash windo
9/2/449/0003 Abdoolgafoor Goolamsahib Arabian Merchant Retief Street Weenen 66 KwaZulu-Natal Historical and Architectural - These two typical Indian shops date from the beginning of the twentie
9/2/269/0023 Vhembe district Limpopo
9/2/243/0001 Ana Trees Mokerong Limpopo This clump of ‘Ana Trees’ or ‘Apiesdoring’ trees (Acacia albida Del.) stands in the Vaaltyn Makapan Reserve less than 16 km from Potgietersrust on the road to the Zaaiplaats tin mine. There are eight mature trees varying between 18 and 24 metres in height
9/2/240/0003 Boabab Trees Messina Limpopo These tropical deciduous trees with their gigantic shiny trunks, thin branches and delicate foliage are a distinctive element in the flora north of the Soutpansberg and give a special character to the plant life of the region. During the rainy season they
9/2/269/0004 Fosillised Footprints Soutpansberg Limpopo These fossilised reptile footprints occur in sandstone where there was a dune in earlier times which was later covered by basalt flows. The animals of tile vicinity presumably fled to the dune where a large number of fossilised prints of various animals a
9/2/269/0011 Stonehenge Soutpansberg Limpopo This farmhouse was erected for R. H. Stevens in about 1906 and is allegedly the oldest existing dwelling in the vicinity of Louis Trichardt.
9/2/253/0004-001 First Gold Crushing Site Polokwane Limpopo About 29 kilometres from Potgietersrust along the national road to Polokwane, a road turns off to the right and leads to Eersteling where one may still see the rock on which gold ore was first crushed in the Transvaal and the chimney of the first power pl
9/2/210/0001 Bread-fruit tree Bolobedu Limpopo These striking plants occur in abundance on the slopes of what used to be regarded as the ‘sacred mountain’ in the Modjadji Reserve north-east of Polokwane.
9/2/269/0005 Fort Hendrina Soutpansberg Limpopo This movable iron fort dates from the 19th century and is the only example of its kind to be found in the Transvaal.
9/2/253/0004-002 First Gold Power Plant Site Polokwane Limpopo
9/2/280/0004 Blockhouse Paul Sauer Road Warmbaths Limpopo After the surrender of Pretoria on the Anglo-Boer War, the Republican forces adopted guerilla tactics. To counter this the British forces erected a system of blockhouses to divide the combat areas into sectors. This blockhouse was part of one of the most
9/2/236/0010 Echo Caves Lydenburg Mpumalanga "Interest:The caves are proclaimed on account of their natural beauty." "Twenty-four kilometres from Ohrigstad en route to the Abel Erasmus Pass and the Strijdom Tunnel the road branches off to the left to the Echo Caves which are situated about three kilometres from the parting of the roads.The rock-walls are composed of dol"
9/2/203/0021 Site of President Samora Machel's Plane Crash Barberton Mpumalanga This site marks the tragic end of one of Southern Africa's greatest political leaders and freedom fighters who struggled for liberation, peace, harmony and development in the region. This site is a symbol of the struggle and part of the negleted Southern
9/2/222/0008 Begin-der-Lijn Bridge 18.08 miles from Ermelo across the Vaal River Ermelo Mpumalanga The bridge is built of sandstone from the Vaal River and consists of ten 9,14 m arches resting on solid sandstone; the apex of each arch is 10,66 m above the foundations, and between high water mark and the apices of the arches there is an allowance of 3
9/2/282/0001 Five Arched Bridge Waterval Boven Mpumalanga The construction of the tunnel was not the only problem encountered in building the difficult section of the railway between Waterval Onder and Waterval Boven. Not far below the tunnel, the line had to cross the Dwaalheuwel Spruit. The N.Z.A.S.M. built a The bridge is a particularly fine stone structure and was originally built for the Z.A.S.M. railway line between Pretoria and Maputo.
9/2/222/0003 Stonehut Settlement Portion 4 of the farm Tafelkop Ermelo Mpumalanga
9/2/242/0001 Botshabelo Middelburg Mpumalanga Botshabelo was the major spiritual, cultural and educational centre of the Berliner Mission Society in the part of South Africa at one time known as the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR). It played a significant role during the Sekhukuni, the Mapoch, Firs Botshabelo village nestles in a valley alongside the Klein Olifants River. It is protected by three forts, most notably Fort Merensky (a declared site) to the north and built above the church and village and two forts that protected the Moutse area where
9/2/214/0003 Georgian Farmhouse Carolina Mpumalanga
9/2/203/0008 Old Stock Exchange Pilgrim Street Barberton 1307 Mpumalanga This building was the second Stock Exchange built in Barberton. It was built by the De Kaap Gold Fields Stock Exchange Limited, and opened on the 13th April, 1887.
9/2/227/0002 Borehole UC 65 110 km east of Johannesburg surrounded by 4 Gold Mines Highveld Ridge Mpumalanga In 1951 Borehole U.C. 65 was the first prospecting hole to penetrate the auriferous Kimberley Reef in the vicinity of the present Evander. This event led to the development of an important new South African goldfield, viz the Evander Goldfield.
9/2/279/0006 Old Road Bridge, Marthinus Wesselstroom Marthinus Wesselstroom, Wakkerstroom Wakkerstroom Mpumalanga
9/2/256/0041 Nutrition and Family Ecology Building Potchefstroom University Potchefstroom North West
9/2/212/0017 Preller House Brits North West "Gustav Preller, the well-known protagonist of Afrikaans, historian and journalist built and occupied this house from 1935 until his death. Many of his later historical works were completed in this house.
9/2/212/0003 Preller House Brits North West This dwelling, consisting of three stone rondavels, was built by Gustav Preller in 1920 and was initially used as a week-end residence. Dr Preller also placed the rondavels at the disposal of Afrikaans writers and artists.
9/2/212/0006 Fourie House No. 1 Brits North West
9/2/263/0007 Boekenhoutfontein Boekenhoutfontein Rustenburg North West From 1862 to 1903 the farm was the property of State President S. J. P. Kruger.
9/2/256/0018 Krugerskraal Tygerfontein, Potchefstroom district Potchefstroom North West
9/2/263/0005 Schoch House Boschdal, Rustenburg district Rustenburg North West
9/2/231/0009 Nederduits Gereformeerde Mother Church Anderson Street Klerksdorp North West
9/2/501/0015 Cannon Kopje Mafikeng 1323 North West The Fort on Cannon Kopje was originally built by Sir Charles Warren in 1884. During the Anglo-Boer War it played an important part in the siege of Mafeking.
9/2/286/0006 Thomas Leask House 46 Broadbent Street Wolmaransstad 693 North West "The house derives its historical significance from its association with its previous owner, Thomas Spence Leask, well known as the ""Father of Wolmaransstad"". The alteration which were made in the 1880s and after 1900 to the original house which was bult "
9/2/038/0014 Glacial pavement Bucklands Settlement lot 53, Herbert District Herbert Northern Cape The glacial pavements at Bucklands and Blaauwboschdrift are extensive ssmooth rock surfa The Griqualand West Dwyka Series comprises two geological features associated with ice
9/2/066/0008 (15/K/Spr/2) Van der Stel's Copper Mine Namaqualand Northern Cape "This piece of land, which is owned by the O'okiep Copper Company Limited, contains a mine shaft sunk by Commander Simon van der Stel on an expedition to the Copper Mountains in 1685.The date, and most likely the other inscriptions, on the nearby rocks a"
9/2/038/0005 Survey Beacons Farm Ramah Herbert Northern Cape These three beacons form part of the boundary line between the Free State and Griqualand West which Sir Charles Warren and Jos. E de Villiers established in 1876 and 1877. This marked the end of the so-called Diamond Fields Dispute.
9/2/008/0004 Old Toll House On bank of Vaal River, Barkly West Barkly West 687 Northern Cape The toll house is related to the bridge nearby which was built over the Vaal river as a private undertaking during the last quarter of the 19th century and played an imprtant part in the development of the region beyond the Vaal River. The toll house is of stone construction with a corrugated iron roof.
9/2/019/0009 Corbelled Buildings T'Kokobos, Carnarvon District Carnarvon Northern Cape T'Kokoboos is one of only two dated corbelled complexes in the Carnarvon District. It is a well pres The complex consists of three corbelled huts which are linked together and a later rectangular build
9/2/032/0009/009 Water Wheel Gordonia Northern Cape
9/2/049/0121 Grave of Solomon T Plaatje Kimberley Northern Cape
9/2/055/0004 The Eye cnr of Voortrekker and Fontien Streets Kuruman Northern Cape The Eye was described by Borchard's as early as 1802. The Eye of Kuruman is a permanent water source which has been recently fenced off. Three types of in
9/2/043/0011 Karoo House 67 Van Wyk Street Hopetown 67 Northern Cape The erf upon which the house stands was purchased by Hendrick Johannes Liebenberg on 13 May 1893 fro It has corrugated iron roof which slopes towards the rear of teh house. The front and side walls all
9/2/105/0003 Anglo-Boer War Blockhouse River Street Warrenton 381 Northern Cape Situated to protect strategic positions along the Vaal River during the Anglo-Boer War the Blockhous The Blockhouse is a single storeyed of square form with a pyramidal roof and triangular slatted roof
9/2/092/0067 Grier Bridge Swellendam Western Cape For 150 years vehicular traffic crossed the Breede River at a pont. Near the site of the second pont the first bridge over the Breede river near Swellendam was built in the early 1890s. It is a triumph of Victorian engineering. Sections of the iron bri
9/2/076/0015 Homestead Prince Albert Western Cape This historic Cape Dutch house, with its elements of Karoo architecture, bears the date 1821 on its front gable. The farmhouse forms an important link with the history of the district and the front gable served as a prototype for other gables in the vicin
9/2/030/0009 Montagu Pass George Western Cape
9/2/079/0004 Old Toll House Riversdale Western Cape The old Toll House was rebuilt in 1910 on the foundations of an earlier toll house and is a remnant of a system that played an important part in the history of transportation in South Africa. This old toll-house, situated within the Kristalkloof Forest Reserve, is still in a very good state of preservation and stands, as it were, on an island between the old road passing in front of it and the new road passing behind it. A few old and tall cyp
9/2/010/0014 Corbelled building, Vlieefontein Karoo National Park Beaufort West Western Cape This corbelled house is a good example of the type of vernacular architecture developed by the pioneers of this area in the nineteenth century. "Vegetation, werf, gardens None Buildings Corbelled drystone dwelling (nat mon) said to be most southerly example. It has a kookskerm. Other structures Extensive drystone kraals on both sides of valley"
9/2/030/0009/002 Old Tollhouse George 142 Western Cape
9/2/081/0062 Sea Fever 82 Main Road Simonstown 88447 Western Cape
9/2/060/0004/001 Watermill Malmesbury Western Cape
9/2/084/0024/001 Pulpit Stellenbosch Western Cape The pulpit and lectern were made by Simon Pieter Christoffel Londt in 1853
9/2/013/0001/001 3 Fishermen's Cottages Bredasdorp 857 Western Cape This property consists of nine fishermen's cottages which are worthy of preservation in view of various architectural and historical consideration.
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