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We have created a lists for National monuments and provincial monuments below. The lists of monuments have been created for each Province and show all the registered monuments in that specific province.

SAHRA-ID Site name Location Town Erf number Map Significance Heritage status Image on Commons
Dr Livingstone's House, Marico District Marico 224 Not on file
Haasgat, Leeuwenkloof 480 JQ, North West n/a 480 JQ This series of fossil sites is one of the most important in the world for the study of human evolution in the context of changing ecological and biological processes. Collectively, they are of national and international significance because they encapsula National
9/2/103/0003 Tiger Kloof Tiger Kloof, Waterloo 730, District Vryburg 730 Coordinates Provincial
9/2/103/0004 Old Police Station Old Police Station, 9 Vry Street, Vryburg Vryburg 3 Coordinates The Old Police Station is probably the earliest remaining building in Vryburg, and almost intact an example of an early humble public building erected at the time that the town was established. The building was sold to MC Genis the magistrate of the Boer Provincial
9/2/103/0005 Dutch Reformed Church Parsonage Dutch Reformed Church Parsonage, 85 Vry Street, Vryburg Vryburg 157 Coordinates Intrinsic aesthetic/architectural merit. Register
9/2/103/0007 St Stephens Anglican Church St Stephens Anglican Church, MacKenzie Street, Vryburg Vryburg 185 Outstanding aesthetic/architectural merit Provincial
9/2/212/0003 Preller House Preller House, Rondavelhouse and Cemetery, Pelindaba, Brits District "Gustav Preller, the well-known protagonist of Afrikaans, historian and journalist built and occupied this house from 1935 until his death. Many of his later historical works were completed in this house. This dwelling, consisting of three stone rondavel" Provincial
9/2/212/0005 Historical Houses Historical Houses, Karee Road, Brits Brits Provisional Protection
9/2/212/0006 Fourie House No. 1 Fourie House No. 1, De Kroon, Brits District Plaque
9/2/212/0016 Gondolin, Broederstroom 481 JQ, North West n/a 481 JQ Coordinates This series of fossil sites is one of the most important in the world for the study of human evolution in the context of changing ecological and biological processes. Collectively, they are of national and international significance because they encapsula National
9/2/212/0017 Preller House Preller House, Main House, Welgegund, Pelindaba, Brits District "Gustav Preller, the well-known protagonist of Afrikaans, historian and journalist built and occupied this house from 1935 until his death. Many of his later historical works were completed in this house. This dwelling, consisting of three stone rondavel" Provincial
9/2/218/0003 Dutch Reformed Church Dutch Reformed Church, Delarey Street, Delareyville Delareyville 571 Provincial
9/2/231/0001 Wood and Iron Houses 13 & 15 Convent Avenue Wood and Iron Houses 13 and 15 Convent Avenue, Klerksdorp Klerksdorp Provincial
9/2/231/0002 Fountain Villa Fountain Villa, Hendrik Potgieter Street, Klerksdorp Klerksdorp Provincial
9/2/231/0003 Railway Station Railway Station, Delver Street, Klerksdorp Klerksdorp This railway station building was completed in 1897 by the Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Spoorweg-Maatschappij and is one of only a few elegant station buildings erected by the NZASM. For approximately nine years the Klerksdorp Station remained the west Provincial
9/2/231/0009 Nederduits Gereformeerde Mother Church Nederduits Gereformeerde Mother Church, Anderson Street, Klerksdorp Klerksdorp Provincial
9/2/231/0012 Farmhouse Farmhouse, Renosterspruit, Klerksdorp District 326 This simple farmhouse was built immediately after 1903 by Jakobus Badenhost who participated in the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) and whose original house was burnt down during the war. Therefore the house stands as a symbol of the above-mentioned war and c Register
9/2/235/0005 Nerderduitse Gereformeerde Church Nerderduitse Gereformeerde Church, 27 Gerrit Maritz Street, Lichtenburg Lichtenburg Coordinates The corner stone of this stone building was laid on 14 June 1890. In 1928, under the direction of Gerhard Moerdyk, the building was substantially enlarged and the striking portico and spire were added. During the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) the building w Provincial
9/2/235/0008 Historic cattle dip Historic cattle dip, Elandsputte, Lichtenburg District "In December 1924, during the construction of this cattle-dip, Mr J. A. Voorendyk discovered a diamond which led to the further discovery of diamonds on Elandsputte (a portion of Uitgevonden) and the eventual spectacular ""diamond rushes"" on Elandsputte in1" Provincial
9/2/235/0012 Dutch Reformed Church Dutch Reformed Church, Ottosdal Ottosdal Register
9/2/235/0014 Ou Plaas Guest House Ou Plaas Guest House, Holfontein 147, Lichtenburg District 147 This house attaches its significance from the fact that it is the only remnant of the builder Scribante in the Lichtenburg District that dates immediately after the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). Furthermore, it satisfies the criteria for the declaration of Register
9/2/238/0002 Bokkraal Bokkraal, Marico District Provisional Protection
9/2/238/0006-001 Church of St John the Baptist Church of St John the Baptist, Zeerust, Marico District Zeerust This Church was built in 1873. It was the third Anglican Church to be built in the Transvaal and is the o1dest still standing. Provincial
9/2/238/0012 Kaditshwene Kaditshwene Cultural landscape (ruins) Northe West Coordinates "STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE Kaditshwene is historically considered a capital of the Bahurutshe nation and the largest Batswana settlement in Southern Africa with a population of 16000 to 20000, around the early 1800's. The large population of Kaditshwene i" National
9/2/238/0015 Water-mill Water mill, Malmani Eye, Marico District 328 This water-wheel and mill of cast iron is one of only a few water-mills in the Transvaal which have been preserved in situ. It was probably erected sometime between 1900 and 1910 and is representative of the last type of mills in South Africa that operate Provincial
9/2/256/0001 Old powder magazine Old powder magazine, Wolmarans Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom 528 This powder magazine was erected between 1841 and 1863 and is as such one of the oldest existing buildings in Potchefstroom. This stone building played an important role from the time of its construction, especially during the First War of Independence. Provincial
9/2/256/0002 74 Lombard Street 74 Lombard Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Coordinates Provincial
9/2/256/0003 76 Lombard Street 76 Lombard Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Coordinates Provincial
9/2/256/0004 72 Lombard Street 72 Lombard Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Coordinates Provincial
9/2/256/0005 Old Berlin Mission Station Old Berlin Mission Station, Gouws Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom This building-complex is one of the rare and most important historical building complexes ever to be found in Potchefstroom. This mission station was established in 1872 by Pastor CW Moschutz of the Berlin Mission Society and presently creates the most i Provincial
9/2/256/0007-001 House of President M W Pretorius House of President M W Pretorius, Van der Hoff Avenue, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Marthinus Wessel Pretorius, Commandant-General of Rustenburg and Potchefstroom (1853-1857), State President of the South African Republic (1857-1860 and 1964-1871), State President of the Republic of the Orange Free State (1860-1863) and member of the Tri Provincial
9/2/256/0008 Old Fort and Cemetery Old Fort and Cemetery, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Not on file Provincial
9/2/256/0010 Dutch Reformed Church Dutch Reformed Church, Church Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom "This fine church is the second church building of the “Voortrekker congregation of Transvaal"" of the Dutch Reformed (Nederduits Hervormde) Church. The church was taken into use on 24th February, 1866." Provincial
9/2/256/0011 Old Police Station Old Police Station, Greyling Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Provincial
9/2/256/0012 Old Post Office Old Post Office, Greyling Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Provincial
9/2/256/0014 Oak Avenue Oak Avenue, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom This oak avenue was planted in about 1910 and lends to the streets along which it is situated both dignity and aesthetic charater. Provincial
9/2/256/0015 St Mary's Anglican Church St Mary's Anglican Church, Auto Avenue, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom 9 The Anglican church, built in 1890-91, in the Neo-Gothic style, was the first building in Potchefstroom resembling this historic Neo-Gothic style. The parish in Potchefstroom is one of the oldest in the Transvaal. Provincial
9/2/256/0018 Krugerskraal Krugerskraal, Tygerfontein, Potchefstroom District Provincial
9/2/256/0020 Town Hall Town Hall, Potgieter Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Provincial
9/2/256/0021 Carnegie Library Carnegie Library, Potgieter Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Provincial
9/2/256/0024 Historic Reformed Church Complex Historic Reformed Church Complex, eet, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom In 1905 the Theological School of the Gereformeerde Church was transferred from Burgersdorp to Potchefstroom where from 1905 to 1907 this complex of four buildings was erected to accommodate the Theological School and its subsections, the professor and th Provincial
9/2/256/0025 Voortrekker Fort Voortrekker Fort, Elandsfontein, Potchefstroom District Elandsfontein According to tradition this stone fort was built by the Voortrekkers under the leadership of Andries Hendrik Potgieter. It was presumably erected in 1842 to serve as a shelter for the women and children in case the men had to leave for Port Natal to assis Provincial
9/2/256/0028 Old Fire Brigade Station Old Fire Brigade Station, Kock Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Provisional Protection
9/2/256/0030 Potchefstroom Agricultural College Potchefstroom Agricultural College, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Both the Administration Building, which was the first building of the Potchefstroom College of Agriculture to be erected and which was occupied in 1907, and the Selborne Hall in which the Africander Cattle Breeders' Society was established in 1912, are cl Provincial
9/2/256/0031 Old Reformed Church Old Reformed Church, Maury Avenue, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom 1718 This small church with its Gothic Features was erected between 1865 and 1866. Its was designed by Rev. Dirk Postma, first minister of the Gereformeerde Kerk in South Africa. It is one of the first churches built by the Gereformeerde Kerk. This simple w Provincial
9/2/256/0032 W D Pretorius House W D Pretorius House, Church Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Provincial
9/2/256/0033 Heimat Heimat, Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Both these buildings represent important milestones in the history of the development of the Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir Christelike Hoer Onderwys. The neo-Cape Dutch building known as Heimat, designed by Gerard Moerdijk and completed as a students’ Provincial
9/2/256/0034 Old Magistrate's Office Old Magistrate's Office, Greyling Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Provincial
9/2/256/0035 Goetz-Fleischack House Goetz-Fleischack House, Gouws Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom The restored Goetz-Fleischack House was erected for A M. Goetz, Resident Magistrate of Potchefstroom, between 1860 and 1863 and is today the only so-called Karroo-style house in Potchefstroom that has maintained its original appearance. Together with the Provincial
9/2/256/0037 Superintendent's Residence Superintendent's Residence, Witrand Care and Rehabilitation Centre, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom This house was erected after the Anglo-Boer War as the official residence for the officer commanding the British garrison at Potchefstroom, and formed part of the military cantonments there. It is an important link with Potchefstroom's military past and s Provincial
9/2/256/0039 Farmstead Farmstead, Buffelsdoorn, Potchefstroom District 143 The house which dates from the Transvaal pioneering Era, is of historical importance due to its connection with Philippus Jacobus Wilhelmus Schutte who was the owner of the farm Buffelsdoorn from 1856 until his death in 1873. Schutte was a leading figure Register
9/2/256/0040 Roets House Roets House, 61 Tom Street, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom The house is vacant at the moment, but the Potchefstroom University intends using it as a laboratory for medical practitioners. Therefore due to the building's unique architectural features most especially to it's immediate environment the architectural Register
9/2/256/0041 The Northern Wing of the Nutrition and Family Ecology Building of the Potchefstroom University Provincial
9/2/256/0042 Rectors Residence Rectors Residence, 1 Calderbank Avenue, Potchefstroom Potchefstroom Coordinates The house which was erected in 1942 and designed by the architect Hugh Roberts, is a landmark in Potchefstroom. Historically it is important for its association with Hugh Calderbank who was the Mayor of Potchefstroom in the early 1940s. The building als Register
9/2/263/0002 Dutch Reformed Church Dutch Reformed Church, Plein Street, Rustenburg Rustenburg Construction on this neo-Gothic church building started in 1898, but owing to the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War the finishing touches could only be done in 1903. During the war the building was used by the British as a hospital and it is alleged that six Provincial
9/2/263/0004 Old Lutheran School Old Lutheran School (Library), Kroondal, Rustenburg District This plain little building was completed early in 1898 as the first permanent school building at Kroondal. Together with the nearby Old Lutheran Church it forms the historical core of the town of Kroondal. Provincial
9/2/263/0005 Schoch House Schoch House, Boschdal, Rustenburg district Provincial
9/2/263/0007 Boekenhoutfontein Boekenhoutfontein, Rustenburg District From 1862 to 1903 the farm was the property of State President S. J. P. Kruger. Provincial
9/2/263/0008 Old Lutheran Church Old Lutheran Church, Kroondal, Rustenburg district Rustenburg Since 1889 Kroondal has been the centre of the Hermannsburg Missionary Society's activities in South Africa and construction on this quaint eclectic church started in 1895. It was the first church building at Kroondal and was inaugurated on 24 June 1896. Provincial
9/2/263/0014 Old Anglican Church Old Anglican Church, Van Stadens Street, Rustenburg Rustenburg This Church was reconstructed on its present site in 1967. It was originally built in 1871 as a result of the efforts of John Pilkington Richardson and is one of the oldest Anglican Churches in the Transvaal. Provincial
9/2/263/0016 Syringa Tree Monument Syringa Tree Monument, Church Street, Rustenburg Rustenburg Provincial
9/2/286/0005 Ruins of Rev. Broadbent's House Ruins of Rev. Broadbent's House, Leeuwfontein, Wolmaransstad Provincial
9/2/286/0006 Thomas Leask House Thomas Leask House, 46 Broadbent Street, Wolmaransstad Wolmaransstad 693 "The house derives its historical significance from its association with its previous owner, Thomas Spence Leask, well known as the ""Father of Wolmaransstad"". The alteration which were made in the 1880s and after 1900 to the original house which was bult " Register
9/2/501/0015 Cannon Kopje Cannon , Mafikeng Mafikeng 1323 The Fort on Cannon Kopje was originally built by Sir Charles Warren in 1884. During the Anglo-Boer War it played an important part in the siege of Mafeking. Provincial
9/2/501/0016 Warren's Fort Warren's Fort, Old Imperial Reserve, Mafikeng Mafikeng This imposing stone fortification was erected about 1880. The fort played an important role in the Anglo-Boer War. Provincial
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