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We have created a lists for National monuments and provincial monuments below. The lists of monuments have been created for each Province and show all the registered monuments in that specific province.

SAHRA-ID Site name Location Town Erf number Map Significance Heritage status Image on Commons
4/T/BAR/1 Guard House Guard House, Corner Lee Road and Judge Street, Barberton Barberton This wood and corrugated iron guard house was erected during 1901 to protect the concentration camp, the camp hospital and the town during the Anglo- Boer War. It is probably the only surviving blockhouse of its kind. Provincial
9/2/203/0001 NZASM Railway Bridge NZASM Railway Bridge, Komatipoort, Barberton District Barberton Provincial
9/2/203/0002 Stopforth House Stopforth House, Bowness Street, Barberton Barberton This well-preserved dwelling-house and outbuildings of wood and iron were erected by J. S. Stopforth during the eighties of the previous century. The building complex has remained unaltered and it therefore provides an important cultural-history link with Provincial
9/2/203/0003 Belhaven House Museum Belhaven House Museum, Lee Road, Barberton Barberton 1573, 1574 and 2456 Provincial
9/2/203/0004 Globe Tavern Globe Tavern, Pilgrim Street, Barberton Barberton 1322 This former tavern was opened in 1887, two and half years after Barberton was founded. It is typical of the wood and iron buildings which characterised the gold-fields of the Eastern Transvaal during the last quarter of the previous century and is an impo Provincial
9/2/203/0008 Old Stock Exchange Old Stock Exchange, Pilgrim Street, Barberton Barberton 1307 This building was the second Stock Exchange built in Barberton. It was built by the De Kaap Gold Fields Stock Exchange Limited, and opened on the 13th April, 1887. Provincial
9/2/203/0009 ETC Building ETC Building, Pilgrim Street, Barberton Barberton 1508 "This office building, which was completed for Sammy Marks early in 1887, dates from Barberton's boom period and is an important link with old Barberton. It is thought to be the oldest existing multi-storey building in the Transvaal." Provincial
9/2/203/0021 Site of President Samora Machel's Plane Crash Site of President Samora Machel's Plane Crash, Barberton District This site marks the tragic end of one of Southern Africa's greatest political leaders and freedom fighters who struggled for liberation, peace, harmony and development in the region. This site is a symbol of the struggle and part of the negleted Southern Provincial
9/2/204/0008 Covenant Monument Covenant Monument, Steynsplaats 339, Belfast District 360 Provincial
9/2/206/0001 Old Magistrate's Office Old Magistrate's Office, Market Street, Bethal Bethal Provincial
9/2/206/0004 Dutch Reformed Church Dutch Reformed Church, Vermooten Street, Bethal Bethal 1552 Provincial
9/2/214/0001 Bonnefoi Bonnefoi, Misluk, Carolina District Provisional Protection
9/2/214/0002 Grobler Bridge Grobler Bridge, Komati River, Carolina District Provincial
9/2/214/0003 Georgian Farmhouse Georgian Farmhouse, Brakspruit, Carolina Provincial
9/2/222/0003 Stonehut Settlement Stonehut Settlement, Tafelkop, Ermelo District Provincial
9/2/222/0004 Old Prison Old Prison, Amsterdam, Ermelo District Amsterdam The original portion of this well-preserved stone building was commissioned by the Government of the South African Republic and completed in July 1890, only nine years after Amsterdam had been proclaimed a township. Two rooms were added in 1899. Provincial
9/2/222/0006 De Emigratie De Emigratie, Ermelo District Plaque
9/2/222/0007 Natural Rock Bridge Natural Rock Bridge, Goedehoop, Ermelo District 106 Provincial
9/2/222/0008 Begin-der-Lijn Bridge Begin-der-Lijn Bridge, Vaal River, Ermelo District Provincial
9/2/222/0020 Old Residency Old Residency, 34 Taute Street, Ermelo Ermelo 92 Coordinates "Nomination: ""The residency is one of the most historically significant sturctures to have survived in Ermelo. Situated in the centre of town the building is considered to be a landmark with the potential to be rehabilitated/restored and used by the Depar" Register
9/2/227/0002 Borehole UC 65 Borehole UC 65, Evander, Highveld Ridge District Evander In 1951 Borehole U.C. 65 was the first prospecting hole to penetrate the auriferous Kimberley Reef in the vicinity of the present Evander. This event led to the development of an important new South African goldfield, viz the Evander Goldfield. Provincial
9/2/236/0004 Remains of Old Voortrekker Fort Remains of Old Voortrekker Fort, Ohrigstad, lydenburg Ohrigstad The remains of a fort built on this site before 1847 by the Voortrekkers to protect themselves and their families against possible attacks by the Bantu. Provincial
9/2/236/0005 Steenkamp Bridge Steenkamp Bridge, Spekboom River, Lydenburg District Provincial
9/2/236/0006 Dwars River Geological Occurrence Dwars River Geological Occurrence, Lydenburg District Coordinates "Scientific Interest. A unique occurrence of chromitite bands in anorthosite, of great scientific importance." Provincial
9/2/236/0010 Echo Caves Echo Caves, Klipfonteinhoek, Lydenburg District "Interest: The caves are proclaimed on account of their natural beauty." Provincial
9/2/236/0012 Dutch Reformed Church Dutch Reformed Church, Lydenburg Lydenburg The earlier of the two churches, known as the Voortrekker Church, was erected between 1851 and 1853 and is the oldest Dutch Reformed Church building in the Transvaal. The later church building, which was consecrated in 1894, was built in the Neo-Gothic st Provincial
9/2/236/0017 Old Voortrekker School Old Voortrekker School, Church Street, Lydenburg Lydenburg This simple thatched house is typical of the architecture of the pioneer times in the Transvaal of a century ago. It is probably the oldest school- building in the Transvaal. Provincial
9/2/236/0018 Old Voortrekker Church Old Voortrekker Church, Church Street, Lydenburg Lydenburg The earlier of the two churches, known as the Voortrekker Church, was erected between 1851 and 1853 and is the oldest Dutch Reformed Church building in the Transvaal. The later church building, which was consecrated in 1894, was built in the Neo-Gothic st Provincial
9/2/236/0019 ZAR Post Box ZAR Post Box, Kantoor Street, Lydenburg Lydenburg Provincial
9/2/236/0020 Powder Magazine Powder Magazine, Viljoen Street, Lydenburg Lydenburg Historical magazine at Lydenburg was built during the years 1879-1880 by the 94th regiment under the command of Lt. Cal. P. P. Anstrutter following the Sekhukhune War. Provincial
9/2/242/0001 Botshabelo Botshabelo, Toevlught, Middelburg District Botshabelo was the major spiritual, cultural and educational centre of the Berliner Mission Society in the part of South Africa at one time known as the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR). It played a significant role during the Sekhukuni, the Mapoch, Firs Provisional Protection
9/2/242/0002 Fort Merensky Fort Merensky, Botshabelo, Middelburg District Fort Merensky, originally called Fort Wilhelm, was built by the missionary Alexander Merensky and his followers at the Mission Station which he established there in 1865. Provincial
9/2/242/0010 Meyer Bridge Meyer Bridge, Little Olifants River, Middelburg Middelburg Meyer's Bridge is one of the fine stone bridges built by the South African Republic. It was built in 1896. Provincial
9/2/242/0011 Dutch Reformed Gedenkkerk Dutch Reformed Gedenkkerk, South Street, Middelburg Middelburg This little church was erected shortly after the Anglo- Boer War (1899-1902) in commemoration of the 1400 women and children who died in the local concentration camp. Provincial
9/2/242/0015 NZASM Station NZASM Station, Meyer and Van Riebeeck Streets, Middelburg Middelburg Provincial
9/2/248/0002 NZASM Station NZASM Station, Elandshoek, Nelspruit District Provincial
9/2/248/zz Lime kilns Lime kilns, Grootgeluk 477, Nelspruit District Provincial
9/2/254/0001 Dutch Reformed Church Dutch Reformed Church, Church Street, Piet Retief Piet Retief 845 Register
9/2/255/0002 Huntington Hall Huntington Hall, Sabie Sabie Provincial
9/2/255/0006 Mac Mac Waterfalls Mac Mac Waterfalls, Geelhoutboom, Pilgrim's Rest District These waterfalls, which drop 65 m in two uninterrupted cascades, as well as the indigenous forest in the kloof below the falls, form an integral part of the natural beauty of the Eastern Transvaal escarpment. Provincial
9/2/255/0007 Natural rock bridge Natural rock bridge, Graskop 564 KT, Pilgrim's Rest District 564 Provincial
9/2/255/0008 Lone Creek Waterfall Lone Creek Waterfall, Ceylon 197, Pilgrim's Rest District These exceptionally attractive waterfalls, which drop 68 m in a single cascade, as well as the indigenous forest in the kloof below the falls, form an integral part of the natural beauty of the Eastern Transvaal escarpment. Provincial
9/2/255/0016 Berlin Waterfall Berlin Waterfall, Berlyn 506, Pilgrim's Rest District These attractive waterfalls, which have a drop of 45 metres, as well as their surroundings, form an integral part of the natural beauty of the Eastern Transvaal escarpment. Provincial
9/2/255/0017 Joubert Bridge Joubert Bridge, Blyde River, Pilgrim's Rest District Provincial
9/2/278/0001 Old NZASM Station Building and Old Customs House Old NZASM Station Building and Old Customs House, Sarel Cilliers Street, Volksrust Volksrust Provincial
9/2/278/0008 Grave of Gen Piet Joubert Grave of Gen Piet Joubert, Rustfontein 126, Volksrust District General Piet Joubert was Commandant-General of the South African Republic and his wife are buried in Provincial
9/2/279/0006 Old Road Bridge, Marthinus Wesselstroom Old Road Bridge, Marthinus Wesselstroom, Wakkerstroom Wakkerstroom Provincial
9/2/279/0006-001 Old Apostolic Church of Africa Old Apostolic Church of Africa, Church Street, Wakkerstroom Wakkerstroom This well-preserved former Anglican Church, previously known as St Mark's Church, was consecrated on 6 April 1890 by the Bishop of Pretoria, the Right Revd. H. B. Bousfield. It is built of laterite. A fine stained glass window was installed in about 1959 Provincial
9/2/282/0001 Five Arched Bridge Five Arched Bridge, Doornhoek, Waterval Boven District The construction of the tunnel was not the only problem encountered in building the difficult section of the railway between Waterval Onder and Waterval Boven. Not far below the tunnel, the line had to cross the Dwaalheuwel Spruit. The N.Z.A.S.M. built a Provincial
9/2/282/0002 NZASM Tunnel NZASM Tunnel, Doornhoek, Waterval Boven District The tunnel was part of the N.Z.A.S.M. railway line built in 1891-1895 between Pretoria and Lourenco Marques. In view of the steep gradient it was fitted with a rack railway. Provincial
9/2/282/0005 Krugerhof Krugerhof, Waterval Onder, Waterval Boven District Waterval Boven 341 Coordinates The last residence of Paul Kruger before he left SA for Mozambique and Europe.President S J. P. Kruger lived in this house from the 30th June to the 28th August,1900 During, that time the affairs of State of the South, African: Republic were conducted the Provincial
9/2/284/0001 NZASM Station NZASM Station, Clewer, Schoongezicht 308 JS, Witbank District Provincial
BelfastTemp Naval Gun Barrel Naval Gun Barrel, High School Belfast, Duggen Street, Belfast Belfast Heritage Object
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