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Launch Event Time Line (Cape Town)

Due time Task  Status 
August 2013
August 01-6 Secure booking for Venue (Prestwich Memorial, Cape Town) 18px Doing...
August 3-4 Complete press kits (Brochures that must be written) 18px Doing...
August 5 Send out save the date invitations to City of Cape Town dignitaries, photographic societies and press. 18px Doing...
August 15 Send out invitations to City of Cape Town dignitaries, photographic societies and press. 18px Doing...
August 20 Complete design of Banners and event badges and send out for printing. 18px Doing...
August 25 Finalize accommodations; flights and car rental bookings. 18px Doing...
August 27 Finalize launch program. Decide who will speak and for how long. 18px Doing...
August 29 Finalize order for finger snacks and drinks. 18px Doing...
August 30 Set up launch location. 18px Doing...
September 1 4pm - 6pm: Launch day 18px Doing...

International Time line

Due time Task  Status 
Jury 2013
July 31 have your local jury fully formed and set up judging criteria 18px Doing...
August 2013
August 1 start preparing Commons infrastructure (UploadWizard) and CentralNotice in your language 15px
August 11 (if possible) finalise local events programme 18px Doing...
August 12 monuments lists should be finished; finish processing already existing photos on Wikimedia Commons 18px Doing...
August 15 have promotional materials and goodies sent out to volunteers around your country 18px Doing...
August 16 decide if you want to hold an awards ceremony and (if agreed on) start preparations 15px Done
August 19 draw up an announcing press release 18px Doing...
August 24 have all upload environment in your language tested 18px Doing...
August 28 have the announcing press release ready; send it to the media!
August 31 have all crucial infrastructure and pages on Wikimedia Commons as well as the tools translated into your language
September 2013
September 1 start the contest!
September 7 start working on a middle-of-the-contest press release
September 8 conduct first monument treasure hunt and upload marathon
September 12 have the middle-of-the-contest press release ready; send it to the media!
September 15 conduct second monument treasure hunt and upload marathon
September 16 have the local awards ceremony confirmed
September 22 conduct third monument treasure hunt and upload marathon
September 25 start working on a final npress release
September 29 conduct final monument treasure hunt and upload marathon
September 30 finish the contest!
October 2013
October 1 have the final press release ready; send it to the media!
October 1 start the first round of voting by local jury
October 9 have the participants survey ready and translated into your language
October 10 complete the first round of voting by local jury
October 13 start the final round of voting by local jury
October 21 have the final decision of the local jury; send your nominations to the international level
October 22 have your local winners informed about the results of the contest
October 24 have a press release about the results of your local contest ready and sent out to the media
November 2013
November 4 send thank-you letters or e-mails to the volunteers, partners and sponsors and invite them to your local awards ceremony
November 11 start working on the evaluation of the project
November 18 (if applicable) hold your local awards ceremony
November 25 make sure all photos are in the lists and are properly categorised
November 30 have the evaluation ready & posted to your local Wikipedia; translate at least the most important parts of it into English
December 2013
December 1-31 get some rest! well done! :-)

Continuous tasks

There are, of course, some tasks that would need to be performed every now and then during the preparations for the contest and the contest itself. A short list of such tasks follows here; the most important ones have been marked with a yellow background:

Task Due time
driving the decision-making process February-November
motivating the organisers and the volunteers February-November
task and budget management February-November
keeping the timeline up-to-date February-November
writing regular blog posts on the official website of your local project April-November
social media management April-November
# operate transfer bots for secondary uploads (flickr) and do the moderation

# post regular updates on progress both on your external website and on the international mailing list
# organise local meetups with a focus towards monuments and try to get press atenttion, especially in local media
# keep adding all new photos to the lists on your local Wikipedia

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