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We have created a list of proposed monuments below. The lists of monuments have been created to include all Provinces and will be submitted to SAHRA/NHC for consideration. The lists are in no particular order

Site name Town Erf number Map Significance Nominator Image on Commons
Richmond Park Port Elizabeth 4825 & 4162 Coordinates This land was originally municipal wasteland adjacent to the land formally granted for a “Stranger’s Location” on 27th June 1855. It was used as a burial ground for the early residents of the Strangers Location. Sue Hoppe 150x150px
Verlorenvlei Farm ??? Portions 18-36 of the Farm 8 ??? The Verlorenvlei settlement is regarded as a unique remnant of a particular way of life with a distinctive architectural style which has developed from the first permanent buildings which were erected in the late 18th Century.The settlement has architectural, archaeological, historic and ecological significance and is a declared RAMSAR site. Chris Snelling 150x150px
Cape Recife Lighthouse Port Elizabeth ??? As early as 1835, the need was discussed for some sort of warning to protect ships from the shallow reefs at CapeRecife, which marks the end point of Algoa Bay. A beacon was erected there until a lighthouse could be built. In 1851 a 24 m high octagonal masonry tower was built under supervision of GW Pilkington. This lighthouse predates that on the Donkin, which was built in 1861. Sue Hoppe
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