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Welcome to Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa
The photo competition for monuments and heritage sites.

Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa

The Wiki Loves Monument Photographic Competition launched at the beginning of Heritage Month ran throughout September. You can see the photos that have already been uploaded here.

It is easy to take part: go to a heritage site near you, take the photo, and upload!

Uploading is simple and can be done either by using the mobile/tablet app (for android, download here) or by plugging your camera into your computer and using our upload wizard. Remember that you have to register first, and all entries are released under the CC-BY-SA licence. For more information on this licence, click here.

Taking and entering award-winning photographs will give you the extra edge. Click on these links for tips on composing photos, taking photographs of buildings and landscapes.

If there is a notable heritage site that you think is worthy of national recognition, please take a photograph of the existing site and nominate it for consideration by the National Heritage Council and the South African Heritage Resource Agency. This is your chance to keep Heritage alive!

This competition is now officially the biggest photo competition in the world according to the World Guinness Records!!

File:Participating Countries WLM 2012.svg
Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 participating countries

Introduction to Wiki Loves Monuments

Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) is an international public competition where you can photograph symbols of our cultural heritage (buildings, statues, shipwrecks, etc.) and share the photos with the world by uploading them to Wikimedia Common. Wikimedia Commons is a database of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute and which anyone can use. Wiki Loves Monuments is organised separately in every participating country by the local wikimedia community. The top photographs from South Africa will receive national and provincial prizes. The best photographs from participating countries will be entered into an international contest. One lucky photograph will win a ticket to Hong Kong.

Wiki Loves Monuments began as a pilot project in the Netherlands in September 2010. Over 12,500 photos were entered by more than 250 participants. Due to this huge success, the project was rolled out to 18 European countries in 2011. More than 165,000 pictures of European monuments were entered for the 2011 competition. This year, the competition is going global and is being held in 35 countries!

Connect with your Heritage. Get your camera, phone or tablet, visit a heritage site and start clicking! Read more on Commons...

WLM SA Launch Event in Cape Town

South African Monuments

Find your monument's SAHRA-ID

The 3614 national heritage estates in South Africa are categorized into three grades:

  • Grade I:
Heritage resources with qualities so exceptional that they are of special national significance. There are 18 sites in this category.
  • Grade II:
Heritage resources which, although forming part of the national estate, can be considered to have special qualities which make them significant within the context of a province or a region. There are 3019 sites in this category, of which 1500 sites are unmapped.
  • Grade III:
Other heritage resources worthy of conservation. There are 39,145 sites in this category, all of them unmapped.

This competition will target photographing, uploading and categorizing grade I and II monuments. Read more on Commons…

A list of grade I through to grade II monuments in your province and their respective SAHRA ID can be found here.

Suggested monuments

Below is a list of some suggested monuments for participants to photograph of both listed and unlisted locations. As always participants are encouraged to photograph widely as they like and also consider photographing other listed and unlisted locations.

Suggested listed monuments

These locations are all listed grade I and II monuments in South Africa. You can see a list of other monuments nearby by clicking on their respective links.

Suggested unlisted monuments

Unfortunately a number of the suggested unlisted monuments we had recommended previously might be subject to Freedom of Panorama issues. We have therefore asked that pictures of monuments that were built recently not be submitted. We are sorry for the confusion.

Our Gallery in Commons

Below are some of the photographs of South African monuments available on Wikimedia Commons.
Days Left to Wiki Loves Monuments 2015

Enter the Competition

So you have taken a picture of a monument in South Africa? Click on the button above for instructions to follow the 5 simple steps, or go directly to the Upload form.

Competition Rules

  1. The pictures have to be your own work and uploaded by yourself.
  2. Only pictures uploaded during the month of September 2015 are eligible. Uploaded photographs do not have to be taken during September 2015.
  3. Pictures must not have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before.
  4. Only pictures released under a free license are eligible to participate.
  5. All uploads must show its SAHRA ID number. If they are proposed monuments, use the code "New".
  6. You need to have account at Wikimedia Commons.


National awards

The prizes for Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa are:

  • First Prize
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R 8,000.00
  • Second Prize
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R 4,000.00
  • Best media/video documenting a heritage site (national)
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R 3,000.00
  • Best Photographic Submission in the Western Cape
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R 6,000.00
  • Best use on of WLM submissions on Wikipedia
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R 3,000.00
  • Best use of WLM content to document heritages sites in the Western Cape on Wikipedia
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R 4,000.00

To enter the “Best use on Wikipedia” categories please add the following categories to the photograph/media pages on Commons after that media has been used on Wikipedia: “Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 South Africa used on Wikipedia

International contest

The national juries will nominate photos for the international contest. International awards can be found here.

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Our Partners

Wikimedia South Africa

Wikimedia South Africa is a Wikimedia chapter for the Republic of South Africa. It is incorporated as a Section 21 non-profit-making organisation under South African law. It was founded locally on 25 February 2012 after being approved as a chapter by the Wikimedia Foundation on 26 March 2011. This chapter will promote local awareness of the projects and their proper academic use, encourage translation efforts into local languages, support the creation of local free knowledge and media and offer scholarships for promising local students. Please visit our website if you are interested in joining us.

Wikimedia South Africa is an independent organisation for Wikimedia volunteers.
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