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NR SAHRA ID Site name Name Location Town Province Erf number Significance Status
1445 9/2/257/0001 Moorddrift Monument, Potgietersrus (Mokopane) District Moorddrift Monument Moord Drift, Potgietersrus Limpopo 849 Provincial Heritage Site
1446 9/2/243/0001 Ana Trees, Rietfontein, Mokerong District Ana Trees LP Provincial Heritage Site
1447 9/2/240/0003 Baobab Trees, Messina District Boabab Trees LP Provincial Heritage Site
1448 9/2/269/0002 Schoemansdal, Louis Trichardt, Soutpansberg District Schoemansdal LP In 1848 Zoutpansberg, the most northerly Voortrekker village, was established here by followers of Chief Commandant A. H. Potgieter. The Chief Commandant died and was buried here in 1852. Later the town was named Schoemansdal after Commandant General Step Provincial Heritage Site
1449 9/2/269/0011 Stonehenge, Bergvliet, Soutpansberg District Stonehenge LP This farmhouse was erected for R. H. Stevens in about 1906 and is allegedly the oldest existing dwelling in the vicinity of Louis Trichardt. Provincial Heritage Site
1450 9/2/253/0004-001 First Gold Crushing Site, Eersteling, Polokwane District First Gold Crushing Site LP Provincial Heritage Site
1451 9/2/210/0001 Cycads, Modjadjiskraal, Bolobedu District Bread-fruit tree LP Provincial Heritage Site
1452 9/2/257/0004 Old Stone School, 97 Voortrekker Street, Potgietersrus Old Stone School 97 Voortrekker Street Potgietersrus LP Provincial Heritage Site
1453 9/2/253/0001 Irish House, Market Street, Polokwane Irish House Market Street Polokwane LP Provincial Heritage Site
1454 9/2/280/0004 Blockhouse, Paul Sauer Road, Warmbaths Blockhouse Paul Sauer Road Warmbaths LP After the surrender of Pretoria on the Anglo-Boer War, the Republican forces adopted guerilla tactics. To counter this the British forces erected a system of blockhouses to divide the combat areas into sectors. This blockhouse was part of one of the most Provincial Heritage Site
1455 9/2/281/0003 Old Reformed Church, Nylstroom Old Reformed Church Nylstroom LP The historic old church building of the Waterberg Reformed Church was built in 1889 and was taken into use on 23 November of that year. President Paul Kruger of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek was present on this occasion. During the Anglo-Boer War a wing Provincial Heritage Site
1456 9/2/253/0002 First National Bank, Landdros Mare Street, Polokwane First National Bank Landdros Mare Street Polokwane LP
1458 9/2/269/0005 Fort Hendrina, Louis Trichardt, Soutpansberg District Fort Hendrina LP This movable iron fort dates from the 19th century and is the only example of its kind to be found in the Transvaal. Provincial Heritage Site
1459 9/2/253/0004-002 First Gold Power Plant Site, Eersteling, Polokwane District First Gold Power Plant Site LP Provincial Heritage Site
1462 9/2/269/0004 Fosillised Footprints, Pontdrift, Soutpansberg District Fosillised Footprints LP These fossilised reptile footprints occur in sandstone where there was a dune in earlier times which was later covered by basalt flows. The animals of tile vicinity presumably fled to the dune where a large number of fossilised prints of various animals a Provincial Heritage Site
1464 9/2/253/0007 Fort Louis Campbell, Marabastad, Polokwane District Fort Louis Campbell Marabastad Unknown LP 139 Not on file Provincial Heritage Site
1470 9/2/269/0023 Lake Fundudzi, Ndzelele LP
1471 9/2/281/0004 Strijdom House, Nylstroom Strijdom House Nylstroom LP Advocate J. G. Strijdom, Prime Minister of South Africa from 1954 to 1958, lived in this house. The house was designed by Gerhard Moerdyk and is in the neo-Cape- Dutch style. Provincial Heritage Site
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