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NR SAHRA ID Site name Name Location Town Province Erf number Significance Status
1098 9/2/415/0001 Hindu Thirukootam and Shree Ganaser Temple, 113 Forbes Street, Ladysmith Hindu Thirukootam and Shree Ganaser Temple 113 Forbes Street Ladysmith KZN 800 A declared national monument Provincial Heritage Site
1099 9/2/412/0002 37-41 Todd (Cnr Wick) Street, Verulam, Inanda District 37-41 Todd (Cnr Wick) Street 37-41 Todd (Cnr Wicks) Street Verulam KZN 210 Provisional Protection
1100 9/2/407/0008 Sastri College, 20 Winterton Walk, Durban Sastri College 20 Winterton Walk Durban KZN 3184 & 3185 Of cultural significance Provincial Heritage Site
1101 9/2/408/0005 Eshowe Jail, John Ross Highway, Eshowe Eshowe Gaol , Eshowe Eshowe KZN 523 This historic complex was erected in 1900 as a second-class prison. During 1901 it served as a trans Provincial Heritage Site
1102 9/2/408/0004-001 Fort Kwamondi, Eshowe Fort Kwamondi Eshowe Eshowe KZN Eshowe Mission Station & 7638 This fort was built during the Zulu War of 1879 by the forces under the command of Col. Pearson. Provincial Heritage Site
1103 9/2/407/0055 Main Post Office, West (Cnr Gardiner) Street, Durban Main Post Office West Street (Cnr Gardiner) Street Durban KZN 1737 The building is an outstanding example of neo-classical architecture and played an important part in th Provincial Heritage Site
1104 9/2/407/0010 City Hall and Francis Farewell Gardens, 263 West (Cnr Smith and Gardiner) Street, Durban Durban City Hall and Francis Farewell Gardens 263 West Street Durban KZN 1737 The Durban City Hall, together with the Francis Farewell Gardens, forms an important cultural and hi Provincial Heritage Site
1105 9/2/407/0052 Glacial Pavement, Corinthia Road, Durban Glacial Pavement Corinthia Road Durban KZN 127 Historical and scientific interest- The glaciated pavement shows striae on Table Mountain sandstone Provincial Heritage Site
1106 9/2/407/0051 Wild Fig Trees, West (Cnr Church) Street, Durban Wild Fig Trees West Street (Cnr Church) Street Durban KZN 1 This property forms an important part of the historic site of the first white settlement west of por Provincial Heritage Site
1107 9/2/407/0006 The Manor House, 14 Nuttall Gardens, Durban The Manor House 14 Nuttall Gardens Durban KZN 744 The Manor House was built c1904 for Sir Liege Hulett, legendary father of Natal's sugar industry, Se Pending (Declaration)
1108 9/2/407/0004 Umbilo Shree Ambalavanaar Alayam Temple, 890 Bellair Road, Durban Umbilo Shree Ambalavanaar Alayam Temple Bellair Road Durban KZN 55 The original Shree Ambalavanaar Alayam was the first public Hindu temple to be erected on the Africa Provincial Heritage Site
1109 9/2/407/0056 Durban Light Infantry Head Quarters, 5 DLI Avenue, Durban Durban Light Infantry Head Quarters 5 DLI Avenue Durban KZN 1737 This site is intrinsically connected with the history and tradititions of one of the country's famou Provincial Heritage Site
1110 9/2/407/0049 Riverside Soofie Mosque and Mausoleum, 50 Lower Bridge Road, Durban Riverside Soofie Mosque Lower Bridge Road Durban KZN 1 Was erected by celebrated Hajee Soofie who immigrated to South Africa in 1895. He was responsible fo Provincial Heritage Site
1111 9/2/407/0032 Trevean, 258 Wakesleigh (Cnr Kenmare) Road, Durban Trevean 258 Wakesleigh (Cnr Kenmare) Road Durban KZN 45 This imposing dwelling-house was designed and erected in 1882 by the well-known architects Robert Sellers Upton and Philip Dudgeon. The billiard room was added in 1898. Trevean House is probably the best example of a late-Colonial Victorian building in N Provincial Heritage Site
1112 9/2/407/0054 Queen's Tavern, 16 Stamford Hill Road, Durban Queen's Tavern 16 Stamford Hill Road Durban KZN 1357 & 1354 Built as a gentlemen's club in 1894, this is one of Durban's few remaining links with the colonial p Provincial Heritage Site
1113 9/2/407/0020 41 Cedar Road, Congella, Durban 41 Cedar Road, Congella 41 Cedar Road Durban KZN 7972 It is of both architectural and historical significance. It represents one of the last surviving bui Provincial Heritage Site
1114 9/2/407/0037 St Louis' Roman Catholic Church, 22 Jacobs Rd, Durban St Louis' Catholic Church 22 Jacobs Road Durban KZN 775 Site is of Historical importance to Clairwood community. Provincial Heritage Site
1115 9/2/407/0033 73 Musgrave Road, Musgrave, Durban 73 Musgrave Road, Musgrave 73 Musgrave Road Durban KZN 2255 This magnificent double-storeyed manor house is and excellent example of a Natal verandah house erec Provincial Heritage Site
1116 9/2/407/0028 Old Fort and Cemetery, Old Fort Road, Durban Old Fort Old Fort Road Durban KZN 11654 The Old Fort, now in part transformed into comfortable quarters for ex-service veterans, contains m Provincial Heritage Site
1117 9/2/407/0024 Lillieshell, 408 Innes Road, Durban Lillieshall 408 Innes Road Durban KZN 643 Of Historical and architectural significance Provincial Heritage Site
1118 9/2/407/0023 Supreme Court, 151 Victoria Embankment, Durban Supreme Court Victoria Embankment Durban KZN 10004 This building, designed by the architect Stanley Hudson, was erected in 1911. Provincial Heritage Site
1119 9/2/407/0022 Bellair Railway Station, Sarnia Road, Durban Bellair Railway Station Sarnia Road Durban KZN 52 One of the first five stations laid down by NGR and was completed in 1900, forming an integral part Provincial Heritage Site
1120 9/2/407/0021 Bergtheil Museum, 16 Queens Avenue, Westville Bergtheil Museum 16 Queen's Avenue Westville KZN 1870 Historical and Architectural - Bergthiel House, dating from 1847, formed nucleus of Westville reside Provincial Heritage Site
1121 9/2/407/0016 Quadrant House, 114-115 Victoria Embankment, Durban Quadrant House Victoria Embankment Durban KZN 10004 Corner and vista significance along the Victoria Embankment. Provincial Heritage Site
1122 9/2/406/0023/002 Wesleyan Church, 77 McKenzie Street, Dundee Wesleyan Church 77 McKenzie Street Dundee KZN 3981 Swedish Mission Station Provincial Heritage Site
1123 9/2/407/0011 Old Point Railway Station, 111 Point Road, Durban Old Point Railway Station 111 Point Road Durban KZN 10031 This Victorian railway station dates from the eighteen-ninties when the Natal Government Railways ex Provincial Heritage Site
1124 9/2/407/0019 Colinton, 68 Ridge Road, Durban Colinton 68 Ridge Road Durban KZN 3210 & 3209 This magnificent residence was built in 1898 by the architect William Street-Wilson for Sir David Hunter, General Manager of the Natal Government Railways from 1879 to 1906. Provincial Heritage Site
1125 9/2/407/0018 Local History Museum, Aliwal Street, Durban Local History Museum Aliwal Street Durban KZN 11090 Historical and architectural interest- The building was originally used as a court and post office a Provincial Heritage Site
1126 9/2/407/0038 Natal Herbarium, 4 Edith Benson Crescent, Durban Natal Herbarium 4 Edith Benson Crescent Durban KZN 3174 This building is significant in terms of the development of botanical knowledge in South Africa and Provincial Heritage Site
1127 9/2/407/0017 Monaltrie, 59 Musgrave Road, Berea, Durban Monaltrie 59 Musgrave Road, Durban Durban KZN 2261 One of the best examples of Victorian architecture in Durban Provincial Heritage Site
1128 9/2/407/0014 Old Greenacres Building, 411-23 West Street, Durban Greenacres Building 411-423 West Street Durban KZN 11 & 13 & 13 Register
1129 9/2/407/0013 Congella Battlefield, Maydon Road, Durban Battle of Congella site Maydon Wharf Durban KZN 10011 The battle at Congella led to a protracted siege of a site which is now in the built up area of Durb Provincial Heritage Site
1130 9/2/407/0012 Caister Lodge, 264 Musgrave Road, Durban Caister Hotel 264 Musgrave Road Durban KZN 2222, 2223 & 2225 The three-storey portion of the hotel complex was erected on the site of Sir Benjamin Greenacre's or Provincial Heritage Site
1131 9/2/406/0005-0012 Lucy Meakin Hall, Dundee High School, Tatham Street, Dundee Lucy Meakin Hall Tatham Street Dundee KZN 1335 Pending (Register)
1132 9/2/415/0008-006 Manchester Regiment Graves, Platrand, Klipriver District Manchester Regiment Graves Platrand, Klipriver District KZN Provincial Heritage Site
1134 9/2/402/0005 Spioenkop Battlefield, Farm Rhenoster Fontein 1051, Bergville District Spioenkop Battlefield Farm Rhenoster Fontein 1051 Bergville KZN 1051 On 24-25 January 1900 the Battle of Spioenkop took place on this hill. Between 2500 and 2700 British Provincial Heritage Site
1135 9/2/402/0004 Anglo-Boer War Blockhouse, Sharrat Street, Bergville Anglo-Boer War Blockhouse Sharrat Street Bergville KZN 233 Historical interest - was erected during later part of the Anglo-Boer war (1899-1902) by British tro Provincial Heritage Site
1136 9/2/402/0001 Retief's Pass, Farm Scheepers Hoek 11337 and Bethel 2186, Bergville District Retief's Pass Farms Scheepers Hoek 1332 & Bethel 2186, Bergville District KZN 11337 & 2186 Retief's Pass is closely associated with the history of the Great Trek. Provincial Heritage Site
1137 9/2/415/0008-002 Wagon Hill Cemetery, Ladysmith, Klipriver District Wagon Hill Cemetery Ladysmith, Klipriver District Ladysmith KZN Provincial Heritage Site
1138 9/2/415/0008-001 Platrand Burgher Monument, Ladysmith, Klipriver District Platrand Burgher Monument Ladysmith, Klipriver District KZN Fouries Kraal 1183 Provincial Heritage Site
1139 9/2/406/0015 Judith Dutch Reformed Church and Cemetery, Farm Paddafontein, Dundee District Judith Dutch Reformed Church Farm Paddafontein , Dundee District KZN A (known as 'Judith') This stone church with its straight end gables and neo-Gothic windows and doors was inaugurated in J Provincial Heritage Site
1140 9/2/415/0008-004 Caesar's Camp Cemetery, Platrand, Klipriver District Caesar's Camp Cemetery Platrand, Klipriver District KZN Provincial Heritage Site
1141 9/2/405/0001 Fort Mistake, Farm Quagga's Kirk 1168, Klip River District Fort Mistake Farm Quaggas Kirk 1168 Fort Mistake KZN 1168 Historical and architectural interest - Fort Mistake, built in the style of the Indian hill forts, i Provincial Heritage Site
1142 9/2/415/0008-005 Manchester Memorial, Platrand, Klipriver District Manchester Memorial, Platrand Platrand, Klipriver District KZN Provincial Heritage Site
1143 12/T/PIL/5 Horseshoe Water Fall, Graskop, Pilgrim's Rest District Horseshoe Water Fall KZN This waterfall and the basin into which it gradually cascades, as well as the banks of the basin with the surrounding cliffs covered in indigenous plants, form an essential part of the natural beauty of this area. Provincial Heritage Site
1144 9/2/415/0008-003 Memorials, Wagon Point, Klipriver District Memorials, Wagon Point Wagon Point, Klipriver District KZN Provincial Heritage Site
1145 9/2/407/0040 Riche's Building, 423 Smith (Cnr Masonic) Street, Durban Riche's Building 423 Smith (cnr Masonic Grove) Street Durban KZN 10679 This building , which is an excellent example of the Classical Revivalist style at the turn of the c Provincial Heritage Site
1146 9/2/436/0005-192 Greene's Chambers, 27 Chancery Lane (cnr Change Lane), Pietermaritzburg Greene's Chambers 27 Chancery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2523 The building has architectural and historical merit and is a rare outstanding example of its type. I Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1147 9/2/409/0013 Ambleside Military Cemetery, Bridledrift, Estcourt District Ambleside Military Cemetery KZN Varkens Fontein 1138 The Ambleside Military Cemetery including the monument and graves therein in extent approx. 18 X 12 Provincial Heritage Site
1148 9/2/422/0004 Garden of Remembrance, MacFarlane Street, Mooi River Garden of Remembrance Mooi River KZN 432 A military hospital was established in Mooi River in 1900 and those who died were buried in the ceme Provincial Heritage Site
1149 9/2/406/0010 Magistrates Court and Police Station, Gladstone (Cnr Beaconsfield) Street, Dundee Magistrate's Court and Police Station Gladstone (Cnr Beaconsfield) Street Dundee KZN 1374 Police station is one of the oldest and well-conserved structures in Dundee, and is also the best e Provincial Heritage Site
1150 9/2/407/0002 Atherton, 295 Florida Road, Durban Atherton 295 Florida Road Durban KZN 785 This house from the early Edwardian period and whose restoration in 1985 cost R1000,000, is one of t Provincial Heritage Site
1151 9/2/406/0025 Ryley's Hill, 79 Karel Landman Street, Dundee Ryley's Hill 79 Karel Landman Street Dundee KZN 1496 Provincial Heritage Site
1152 9/2/406/0024 Pearson House, 48 Tatham Street, Dundee Pearson House 48 Tatham Street Dundee KZN 1338 A substantial home of a local merchant, unusually elegant for a town the size of Dundee. Typical Natal Provincial Heritage Site
1153 9/2/406/0012/003 Talana Battlefield, Farm Dundee 4339, Dundee District: Thornley Homestead Thornley Homestead Farm Dundee 4339, Dundee District KZN 4339 The Thornley Homestead was erected c1897 after Peter Smith, the founder of the Borough of Dundee, pu Provincial Heritage Site
1154 9/2/406/0012/002 Talana Battlefield, Farm Dundee 4339, Dundee District: Talana Museum Talana Museum Farm Dundee 4339, Dundee District KZN 4339 Historical interest - The Battle of Talana, which took place on 20 October 1899, was the first large Provincial Heritage Site
1155 9/2/403/0001 Cycads, Monteseel Township, Camperdown District Cycads Monteseel Township Inchanga KZN 906 Protected indigenous plants Provincial Heritage Site
1157 9/2/401/0001 Mgungundlovu, Farm Moordplaats 193, Babanango District Mgungundlovu Farm Moordplaats 193 KZN 193 Dingane's capital - the size of the homestead was deliberately recreated by Cetshwayo at Ondini. Provincial Heritage Site
1159 9/2/406/0008 Old Boswell's Store, 74 Gladstone (Cnr Beaconsfield) Street, Dundee Old Boswell's Store 74 Gladstone (Cnr Beaconsfield) Street Dundee KZN 616 This building forms an important part in the architecture of the streetscape of Gladstone Street and Provincial Heritage Site
1160 9/2/406/0006 Rorke's Drift Battlefield, Farm Oscarsberg 2254, Dundee District Rorke's Drift Battlefield Farm Oscarsberg 2254 KZN 2254 Here the Battle of Rorke's Drift was fought during the afternoon and night of 22 January 1879. A small British force of two officers and 110 men defended themselves bravely against the repeated attacks of some 4,000 Zulus. Eleven Victoria Crosses were awa Provincial Heritage Site
1161 9/2/406/0017 The Hollies, 29-31 Union Street, Dundee The Hollies 29-31 Union Street Dundee KZN 4335 This elegant, recently restored home is one of the largest and best preserved in Dundee. The qualit Provincial Heritage Site
1162 9/2/406/0005 Dundee High School, Tatham Street, Dundee Dundee High School Tatham Street Dundee KZN 1335 Of historical, cultural, architectural and environmental significance as it is alandmark in Dundee a Provincial Heritage Site
1163 9/2/406/0003 Apostolic Faith Mission Church, 17 Gray Street, Dundee Apostolic Faith Mission Church 17 Gray Street Dundee KZN 579 Historical and architectural interest - A Gothic revival style building built in 1889 and also playe Provincial Heritage Site
1164 9/2/405/0002 Pro Nobis, Fort Mistake, Klip River District Pro Nobis Farm Quaggas Kirk 1168, Fort Mistake KZN 1168 This dwelling-house, built of dressed stone, is an excellent example of a smaller Natal farmhouse in the Victorian style. Provincial Heritage Site
1165 9/2/406/0021 Coniston, 1 Harvey Street, Dundee Coniston 1 Harvey Street Dundee KZN Subdivision 10 of Lot 2160 Historical and architectural - A substantially well-constructed home which has been in the hands of Provincial Heritage Site
1166 9/2/401/0002 Piet Retief's Grave, Farm Uitzoek 317, Babanango Piet Retief's Grave Farm Uitzoek 317 Ulundi KZN 317 Grave of Voortrekker leader Piet Retief. Provincial Heritage Site
1167 9/2/436/0061 Old Natal University Central Block, King Edward Avenue, Pietermaritzburg Old Natal University Central Block King Edward Avenue Pietermaritzburg KZN 1913 Of architectural and historical interest - This is the oldest building of the University of Natal, P Provincial Heritage Site
1168 9/2/436/0074 Acacia Tree, Parkside, Pietermaritzburg Parkside Pelham Pietermaritzburg KZN 378 (unknown - old regional file missing) Provisional Protection
1169 9/2/436/0072-001 11 Leighton Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 11 Leighton Street 11 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2833 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1170 9/2/436/0070 Welverdient, Edendale, Pietermaritzburg Welverdient Edendale Pietermaritzburg KZN 775 This house is the oldest known double-storeyed dwelling erected outside the Cape Colony. It was built about 1840 by the Voortrekker leader. General Andries Pretorius, who also constructed the historic mill and the water furrow on the site. After the prope Provisional Protection
1171 9/2/436/0069 Wayland, 149 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg Wayland 149 Pietermaritz Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2314 Forms an integral part of the historic facade of Pietermaritz Street which is one of the oldest stre Provincial Heritage Site
1172 9/2/436/0068 Old Voortrekker Road, World's View Road, Pietermaritzburg Voortrekker Road World's View Road Pietermaritzburg KZN Historical - A portion of the historic Voortrekkers road to Natal is preserved here. Provincial Heritage Site
1173 9/2/436/0064 Reid's Building, 214 Longmarket (Cnr Club) Street, Pietermaritzburg Reid's Building 214 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2621 Of historical and architectural interest - The first three-storey business house in Pietermaritzburg Provincial Heritage Site
1174 9/2/436/0072-005 17 Leighton Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 17 Leighton Street 17 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2714 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1175 9/2/436/0062 Old St Mary's Anglican Church, Commercial (Cnr Burger) Road, Pietermaritzburg Old St Mary's Anglican Church Commercial (Cnr Burger) Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 2780 Historical interest - The church was built on the initiative of Bishop Colenso and opened for servic Provincial Heritage Site
1176 9/2/436/0072-006 20 Leighton Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 20 Leighton Street 20 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2713 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1177 9/2/436/0060 Old Remedial Model Primary School, 310 Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg Old Remedial Model Primary School 310 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2731 & 2730 & 2730 Of architectural and local historical interest - Example of high character Victorian school architec Provincial Heritage Site
1178 9/2/436/0057 Girls' High School, Alexandra Road, Pietermaritzburg Girls' High School Alexandra Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 374 This impressive group of buildings, erected in the neo-classical style, forms the nucleus of the Girls’ High School that was opened on this site in the old manor-house, Morningside, on 4 August 1920. The latter building, although altered, still forms part Provincial Heritage Site
1179 9/2/436/0056 Clark House and Victoria Hall, Maritzburg College, Pietermaritzburg Clark House and Victoria Hall College Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 80 Clark House was erected in 1887 and the adjoining Victoria Hall in 1895. These buildings housed the original Pietermaritzburg High School. Clark House itself is built in the Neo-Gothic style and is one of the best-known school buildings in South Africa. Provincial Heritage Site
1180 9/2/436/0054 Butine House, 151 Pietermaritz Street, Pietermaritzburg Butine House 151 Pietermaritz Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2314 ; 2315 This property is not only an excellent example of Pietermaritzburg’s Victorian architecture, but its fine quality Victorian front facade and elegant Italianate northern facade are unique and contribute materially to the creation of a nationally important Provincial Heritage Site
1181 9/2/436/0053 Main Post Office, 232 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg Main Post Office Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2622 & 2623 Landmark quality; historical and architectural importance; over eighty years old; outstanding exampl Provincial Heritage Site
1182 9/2/436/0052 Old Prison, 2 Burger (Cnr Pine and Edendale) Street, Pietermaritzburg Old Prison 2 Burger (Cnr Pine) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 1820; 1100 This unusual building is one of the older surviving government buildings in Pietermaritzburg and has Provincial Heritage Site
1183 9/2/436/0063 Natal Botanical Gardens and Plane Tree Avenue, Pietermaritzburg Natal Botanical Gardens & Plane Tree Avenue Mayor's Walk Pietermaritzburg KZN 212 & 3105 Historical and panoramic; the Plane tree avenue is a world renowned site and stretches mainly throug Provincial Heritage Site
1184 9/2/436/0073-001 126 Berg Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 126 Berg Street 126 Berg Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2312 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1185 9/2/436/0005-165 Barclays Bank, 207 Church (Cnr Bank) Street, Pietermaritzburg Barclays Bank 207 Church Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2420 The site of this building has been used continuosly for banking purposes since 1850's. The site and Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1186 9/2/436/0073-009 17 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 17 Deanery Lane 17 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1187 9/2/436/0073-010 16 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 16 Deanery Lane 16 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2312 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1188 9/2/436/0073-003 15A Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 15A Deanery Lane 15A Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 ; 2314 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1189 9/2/436/0073-012 15 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 15 Deanery Lane 15 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1190 9/2/436/0073-007 14 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 14 Deanery Lane 14 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2312 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1191 9/2/436/0072-002 14 Leighton Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 14 Leighton Street 14 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2713 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1192 9/2/436/0073-011 13 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 13 Deanery Lane 13 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1193 9/2/436/0044 Marian Villa, 282 Alexandra Road, Pietermaritzburg Marian Villa 282 Alexandra Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 1232 This magnificant manor-house was designed by well-known architect Clement Stott who later bought the Provincial Heritage Site
1194 9/2/436/0073-004 12 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 12 Deanery Lane 12 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2312 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1195 9/2/436/0073-005 11 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 11 Deanery Lane 11 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1196 9/2/436/0073-006 10 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 10 Deanery Lane 10 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1197 9/2/436/0072-009 7 Leighton Street, Pietermaritzburg 7 Leighton Street 7 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2714 The house has architectural and historical merit and is a rare and outstanding example of its type. Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1198 9/2/436/0072-008 30 Leighton Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 30 Leighton Street 30 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2713 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1199 9/2/436/0072-007 26 Leighton Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 26 Leighton Street 26 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2713 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1200 9/2/436/0073-004 134 Berg Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 134 Berg Street 134 Berg Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1201 9/2/436/0082 Dorchester House, 190 Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg Dorchester House 190 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2719 This building is a noted landmark and important essentially for its architectural qualities being on Provincial Heritage Site
1202 9/2/436/0017 Scottsville Primary School, King Edward Avenue, Pietermaritzburg Scottsville Primary School King Edward Avenue Pietermaritzburg KZN 1913 First primary school in Pietermaritzburg; an outstanding complex of redbrick buildings in the 'colle Provincial Heritage Site
1203 9/2/436/0016 Italian P.O.W. Church, Epworth Road, Pietermaritzburg Italian P O W Church Epworth Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 1779 Of architectural and historical interest - The Italian POW Church was built in 1944 by Italian priso Provincial Heritage Site
1204 9/2/436/0014 Alexandra Road Police Station, Alexandra (Cnr Lindup) Road, Pietermaritzburg Alexandra Road Police Station Alexandra (Cnr Lindup) Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 25 & 25 & 25 This architecturally interesting building was the headquarters of the Natal Mounted Police, later kn Provincial Heritage Site
1205 9/2/436/0012 Old Merchiston School Boarding Hostel, 231 Prince Alfred Street, Pietermaritzburg Old Merchiston School Boarding Hostel 231 Prince Alfred Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2778 & 2779 Register
1206 9/2/436/0011 Colonial Building, Old Umgeni Magistrate's Court and Old Police Quarters, 241 Church (Gallwey and Pietermaritz) Street, Pietermaritzburg Colonial Building, Old Umgeni Magistrates Court and Old Police Quarters 241 Church (Bounds Gallwey and Pietermaritz) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2424 & 2424 Historical and architectural- Built in the Late English Renaissance-Georgian Revival style Provincial Heritage Site
1207 9/2/436/0010 Old Government House, 1 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg Old Government House 1 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2501 & 2502 Historical and architectural-Was the home of Lieutenant-Governor of Natal, Benjamin Pine. Provincial Heritage Site
1208 9/2/436/0051 Publicity House, 117 Commercial (Cnr Longmarket) Street, Pietermaritzburg Publicity House Commercial (Cnr Longmarket) Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 2526 Together with the City Hall and other historical buildings in the vicinity such as the Supreme Court, Publicity House forms an unique historical and architectural group. Provincial Heritage Site
1209 9/2/436/0008 The Property Shop, 120 Chapel (Cnr Pietermaritz) Street, Pietermaritzburg The Property Shop 120 Chapel Stret Pietermaritzburg KZN 2415 The corner building is a Pietermaritzburg landmark. It is of considerable significance from an archi Pending (Register)
1210 9/2/436/0021 Tatham Art Gallery and Adjacent Gardens, Commercial Road, Pietermaritzburg Tatham Art Gallery and Adjacent Gardens Commercial Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 2569 Architectural and historical interest - Pietermaritzburg's former Supreme Court, an impressive faceb Provincial Heritage Site
1211 9/2/436/0007 Shuter House, 381 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg Shuter House 381 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2538 This is one of the most important houses in the City from an architectural piont of view, a rare exa Provincial Heritage Site
1212 9/2/436/0006 Overpark, 122 Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg Overpark 122 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 3014 Overpark House, with its beautiful cast-iron trimmings and cast-iron fireplaces, dates from 1884 and is an excellent example of a Victorian veranda house in the Natal style. Provincial Heritage Site
1213 9/2/436/0067 Voortrekker House Museum, 333 Boom (Cnr Claybourne) Street, Pietermaritzburg Voortrekker House Museum 333 Boom Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2133 Historical - was probably erected c1846 by the Voortrekker Petrus Gerhardus Pretorius. The building Provincial Heritage Site
1214 9/2/436/0066 Sans Souci, 65 Trelawney Road, Pietermaritzburg Sans Souci 65 Trelawney Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 1772 Architectural- This Victorian Manor-House, as well as its beautiful landscaped garden, reflects the Provincial Heritage Site
1215 9/2/436/0065 Russell High School, 127 Berg (Cnr Chapel) Street, Pietermaritzburg Russell High School 127 Berg (Cnr Chapel) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2213 & 2214 In 1941 this school, which was founded in 1879, was renamed the Russell High School, in honour of Robert Russell, Superintendent of Education from 1878 to 1903. This late-nineteenth-century building complex forms a unique historical and architectural grou Provincial Heritage Site
1216 9/2/436/0005-126 431 Prince Alfred Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 431 Prince Alfred Street 431 Prince Alfred Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2798 This house is of architectural importance and forms part of a grouping of architectural merit. It is Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1217 9/2/436/0009 Old Supreme Court, College Road, Pietermaritzburg Old Supreme court College Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 80 The history of the Old Supreme Court is inextricably linked to the legal system at it applied to Bla Provincial Heritage Site
1218 9/2/436/0031 Old Longmarket Street Girls School, 351 Longmarket (Cnr Boshoff) Street, Pietermaritzburg Old Longmarket Street Girls School Longmarket (Cnr Boshoff) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 35 The Longmarket Street Girls' School building was erected between 1903 and 1911. The building shows a plurality or architectural styles and is a fine and rare example of a Victorian school building. Provincial Heritage Site
1219 9/2/436/0075 One O'Clock Gun, 12Pr ML Naval Cannon, Pietermaritzburg One O'Clock Gun Commercial (Cnr Church) Road Pietermaritzburg KZN This gun is a well known city landmark, with a significant, but little known history. Its declarati Heritage Object
1220 9/2/436/0042 Old Natal Houses of Parliament, 245 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg Old Natal Houses of Parliament Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2525 The Old Legislative Assembly building was erected to house the Legislative Assembly when Natal was granted representative government. The foundation stone was laid on 21 June 1887, by the Governor, Sir A. E. Havelock, K.C.M.G. The Old Legislative Counci Provincial Heritage Site
1221 9/2/436/0034 Old Satya Vardhak Sabha Crematorium, Cremorne Cemetery, Pietermaritzburg Old Satya Vardhak Sabah Temple 1 Plane Tree Road Pietermaritzburg KZN This building is an important landmark on one of Pietermaritzburg's major arterial roads. It is of h Provincial Heritage Site
1222 9/2/436/0033 Old Presbyterian Church, 248 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg Old Presbyterian Church 248 Church Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2524 This church was erected between 1852 and 1854. The neo-Gothic tower dates from 1874, after which the church was enlarged in 1883. During the Zulu War in 1879 the church was converted into a fortified refuge. Provincial Heritage Site
1223 9/2/437/0012/002 Christianenberg Berlin Mission Church, Krause Street, Clermont: 1846 Church Bell Christianenberg Berlin Mission Church Clermont KZN Heritage Object
1224 9/2/437/0012/001 Christianenberg Berlin Mission Church, Krause Street, Clermont: Cast-iron Commemorative Cross Christianenberg Berlin Mission Church Clermont KZN Heritage Object
1225 9/2/436/0018 Old Harward Boys School, Havelock Road, Pietermaritzburg Old Harward Boys' School Havelock Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 1887 Of architectural and local historical interest - An important landmark in Pietermaritzurg, it is a t Provincial Heritage Site
1226 9/2/436/0032 Macrorie House, 11 Loop (Cnr Pine) Street, Pietermaritzburg Macrorie House Loop (Cnr Pine) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2601 Historical and Architectural Provincial Heritage Site
1227 9/2/436/0019 Loop Street Police Station, Loop (Cnr Murray) Street, Pietermaritzburg Loop Street Police Station Loop (Cnr Murray) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2623 Of architectural and local historical interest - a recognition of the architectural importance of a Provincial Heritage Site
1228 9/2/436/0027 Old YMCA Building, 195 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg Old YMA Building 195 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2519 This double-storeyed building, with its wood and cast-iron decorated verandah, dates from the 1890s. The building forms an integral part of facade of Longmarket Street. Provincial Heritage Site
1229 9/2/436/0026 Conservatoire de Hammerstein, 141 Alexandra Road, Pietermaritzburg Conservatoire de Hammerstein 141 Alexandra Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 904 The building is a landmark and focal point on one of Pietermaritzburg's major suburban thoroughfares Provincial Heritage Site
1230 9/2/436/0025 Town Hill Hospital, Town Bush Valley (Cnr Hyslop) Road, Pietermaritzburg: Old Victorian and Old North Park Buildings Town Hill Hospital Hyslop Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 1860 Sensitively designed two core buildings of the old Town Hill Hospital complex, each an architectural Provincial Heritage Site
1231 9/2/436/0024 Christian Science Church, 204 Chapel (Cnr Loop) Street, Pietermaritzburg Christian Science Church Chapel (Cnr Loop) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2715 The church has architectural and historical merit, is a rare and outstanding example of its type, is Provincial Heritage Site
1232 9/2/436/0023 238 Boom Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 238 Boom Street 238 Boom Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2269 This house is of both national and local architectural and historical importance and is the only sur Provincial Heritage Site
1233 9/2/436/0022/001 Old State Veterinary Laboratory: Allerton Laboratories, 458 Town Bush Road, Pietermaritzburg Old State Veterinary Laboratory 458 Town Bush Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 13 Erected as a laboratory for State veterinary services, by Dr Herbert Watkins-Pitchford, who with Pro Provincial Heritage Site
1234 9/2/436/0050/001 Voortrekker Pulpit, Church of the Covenant, Church Street, Pietermaritzburg Voortrekker Pulpit Church Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2534 Heritage Object
1235 9/2/436/0050 Church of the Covenant, Church Street, Pietermaritzburg Church of the Covenant Church Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2534 & 2571 Built in 1840 to honour a vow that they would build a church 'in honour of God should He grant them Provincial Heritage Site
1236 9/2/446/0006-008 The House, 49 Arbuckle Street, Himeville The House 49 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 14 A fine, though much altered, example of its type Register
1237 9/2/436/0073-008 21 Deanery Lane, Central, Pietermaritzburg 21 Deanery Lane 21 Deanery Lane Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1238 9/2/448/0022 Police Station, Landdrost (Cnr Church) Street, Vryheid Police Station Landdrost Street, cnr Church Street Vryheid KZN 122 This sandstone building with its Victorian verandah dates from the end of the last century and forms Provincial Heritage Site
1239 9/2/448/0021 Area Between Old Raadsaal and Carnegie Library, Vryheid [now consolidated with the Old New Republic Raadsaal and Fort properties - file closed] Open land Vryheid Vryheid KZN 997 This vacant site, situated between the Old New Republic Raadsaal and Fort, and the Carnegie Library, Provincial Heritage Site
1240 9/2/448/0019 Old Bantu Administration Building, Landrost Street, Vryheid Old Bantu Administration Building Landdrost Street Vryheid KZN 122 & 124 This rectangular building dates from about 1930 and forms, especially from an architectural point of view, an integral part of the historic core of Vryheid. Provincial Heritage Site
1241 9/2/448/0018 Old New Republic Raadsaal and Fort, and the Area between this site and Carnegie Library, Vryheid Old New Republic Raadsaal and Fort Vryheid Vryheid KZN 997 Historical and architectural interest - The old New Republic Raadsaal and Fort are intimately associ Provincial Heritage Site
1242 9/2/448/0017 58 President Street, Vryheid 58 President Street 58 President Street Vryheid KZN 209 Historical and Architectural- This imposing dwelling-house that was erected in 1920 is an excellent Provincial Heritage Site
1243 9/2/446/0006-006 47 Arbuckle Street, Himeville, Underberg District 47 Arbuckle Street 47 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 15 Unusual stone house Register
1244 9/2/446/0006-007 The Rectory, 29 Arbuckle Street, Himeville The Rectory 29 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 24 A very good late example of a typical Natal verandah house. Register
1245 9/2/447/0001 Blood River Battlefield, Farm Vechtkop 168, Utrecht District Blood River Battlefield Farm Vechtkop 168, Utrecht District KZN 168 A portion of the well-known historical battlefield of Blood River where a group of Voortrekkers unde Provincial Heritage Site
1246 9/2/446/0006-009 Nelton, 53 Arbuckle Street, Himeville Nelton 53 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 12 A fine example of a house from the Union period Register
1247 9/2/446/0006-010 Church of Saint Michael and All Angels, 31 Arbuckle Street, Himeville Church of Saint Michael and All Angels 31 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 23 A landmark in the village, this building is an unusually late example of its style Register
1248 9/2/446/0001 Himeville Fort, Arbuckle (Cnr George) Street, Himeville Himeville Fort Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 36 This building complex was erected as a refuge during the Siege of Ladysmith in 1899. The prison building with its loopholes is presumably the last of its kind built by the Natal Colonial Government. Provincial Heritage Site
1249 9/2/445/0006 Green Point Lighthouse, Farm Clansthal 1202, Umzinto District Green Point Lighthouse Farm Clansthal 1202 KZN 13848 This unusual cast-iron structure, erected in 1905, is the oldest lighthouse on the KZN coa Provincial Heritage Site
1250 9/2/444/0011 Ruins of Fort Ahrens, Farm Perseverence 1324, Hermannsburg Fort Ahrens Farm Perseverence KZN 1324 Was erected in the sixties or seventies of the 19th century as a refuge for the civilian population. Provincial Heritage Site
1251 9/2/444/0010 Hermannsburg Mission Houses, Hermannsburg School, Hermansburg Hermansburg Mission Houses , Hermannsburg Hermannsburg KZN 1324 The historic mission house at Hermannsburg was erected around 1862 in the GermanSaxon style, in orde Provincial Heritage Site
1252 9/2/448/0011 Kambula Battlefield, Farm Kambula 381, Vryheid District Kambula Battlefield Farm Kambula 381, Vryheid District KZN 381 During the Battle of Kambula a British force of approximately 2 000 men under the command of Colonel Evelyn Wood (later Field Marshal Sir Evelyn Wood, V.C., C.B.) successfully defended themselves against a Zulu impi of 20 000 men under Mnyamana Buthelezi. Provincial Heritage Site
1253 9/2/447/0021 Old Residency, 60 Church (Cnr Van Rooyen) Street, Utrecht Old Residency 60 Church Street Utrecht KZN 186 Erf 186, together with the house thereon, forms an essential part of the historic complex of Utrecht Provincial Heritage Site
1254 9/2/449/0003 Abdoolgafoor Goolamsahib Arabian Merchant, Retief Street, Weenen Abdoolgafoor Goolamsahib Arabian Merchant Retief Street Weenen KZN 66 Historical and Architectural - These two typical Indian shops date from the beginning of the twentie Provincial Heritage Site
1255 9/2/449/0002 Coolamgause Building, Retief Street, Weenen Coolamgause Building Retief Street Weenen KZN 66 These two typical Indian shops date from the beginning of the twentieth century and from an impressive architectural entity. Provincial Heritage Site
1256 9/2/448/0010 Magistrate's Offices and Jail, Church Street, Vryheid Magistrates Office Church Street Vryheid KZN 997 The magistrate's offices building forms an important link in the architectural streetscape of Church Provincial Heritage Site
1257 9/2/448/0008 95 President Street, Vryheid, Vryheid District 95 President Street 95 President Street Vryheid KZN 158 Historical and Architectural interest - A pleasant early house dating from the time of the New Repub Provincial Heritage Site
1258 9/2/448/0006 Old Carnegie Library, Landrost (Cnr Mark) Street, Vryheid Carnegie Library Landrost (Cnr Mark) Street Vryheid KZN 124 This imposing Edwardian building was erected in 1908 with funds granted by the Carnegie Trust. The l Provincial Heritage Site
1259 9/2/448/0004 Vryheid High School Hall, Church Street, Vryheid Vryheid High School Hall Church Street Vryheid KZN 87 & 88 First school building erected by the Natal Government in the annexed territories; the beginning of f Provincial Heritage Site
1260 9/2/446/0006-004 Underberg District War Memorial, 36 Arbuckle Street, Himeville Underberg District War Memorial 36 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 37 An unusual shaped memorial to the war dead of the district, this structure is a landmark in the cent Register
1261 9/2/448/0002 Dutch Reformed Church, 131 High (Cnr President and Church) Street, Vryheid Dutch Reformed Church 82 Smal Street Vryheid KZN 672 This church was built at a cost of R26 000 and was consecrated on 12 October 1894. The building was Provincial Heritage Site
1262 9/2/444/0007 Balmoral Farmhouse and Stables, near Rietvlei, Umvoti District Balmoral Farmhouse and Stables near Rietvlei, Umvoti District KZN 13347 This farmhouse is typical of its period in Natal and possesses some outstanding features. Founder of Provincial Heritage Site
1263 9/2/447/0019 Rothman House, 65 Church (Cnr van Rooyen) Streeet, Utrecht Rothman House 65 Church Street Utrecht KZN 244 The building is regarded as one of the best examples of its type in Northern Natal; it played an imp Provincial Heritage Site
1264 9/2/447/0018 Town Hall, 55 Voor Street, Utrecht Utrecht Town Hall 55 Voor Street Utrecht KZN 188 The Utrecht Town Hall dates from 1913 and is a brown stone building of considerable character and forms an essential part of Utrecht. Provincial Heritage Site
1265 9/2/447/0017 Magistrate's Court, 57 Voor Street, Utrecht Utrecht Magistrate's Court 57 Voor Street Utrecht KZN 190 The magistrate's office building was erected between 1894 and 1899 by the government of the 'Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek". Provincial Heritage Site
1266 9/2/447/0016 Pieter Lafras Uys Monument and Grave, Church Street, Utrecht Pieter Lafras Uys Monument Church Street Utrecht KZN 190 Grave and monument to Pieter Lafras Uys, Voortrekker leader killed during the Anglo-Boer War, in the Provincial Heritage Site
1267 9/2/447/0005 Shawe House, 67 Church Street, Utrecht Shawe House 67 Church Street Utrecht KZN 245 Historical and architectural interest - The house is connected with a personality who played a leadi Provincial Heritage Site
1268 9/2/447/0003 Old Dutch Reformed Church Parsonage, Church (Cnr Loop) Street, Utrecht Old Dutch Reformed Parsonage Church (Cnr Loop) Street Utrecht KZN 193 Provincial Heritage Site
1269 9/2/448/0003 Boshof House, 219 East Street, Vryheid Boshof House 219 East Street Vryheid KZN 454 This elegant dwelling-house, based on the Edwardian style, was erected in 1905 and is situated on a Provincial Heritage Site
1270 9/2/437/0015 Old New Germany Lutheran Church, Shepstone (Cnr Blair Atholl) Road, New Germany New Germany Lutheran Church Shepstone (Cnr Blair Atholl) Road New Germany KZN 130 Historical and architectural interest - The German Lutheran Church at New Germany erected in 1862 an Provincial Heritage Site
1271 9/2/439/0015 Izotsha River Bridge, Port Shepstone District Izotsha River Bridge Port Shepstone District KZN Built in 1907 as part of the Alfred County Railway, the bridge was later converted for narrow-gauge. It is the last iron screww pile railway bridge in KZN. There are seven piers each with two 15" cast-iron screw piles, supporting eight 30 plat Register
1272 9/2/439/0012 Port Shepstone Lighthouse, Port Shepstone Port Shepstone Lighthouse southern bluff of mouth of Umzimkulu River Port Shepstone KZN 156 This unusual cast-iron structure, erected on its present site in 1906, is one of the two oldest funt Provincial Heritage Site
1273 9/2/439/0009 Kneisel's Castle, 24 Reynolds Street, Port Shepstone Kneisel's Castle 24 Reynolds Street Port Shepstone KZN 343 Kneisel’s Castle which can be regarded as a period piece, is one of the oldest residences in Port Shepstone. Provincial Heritage Site
1274 9/2/439/0008 Old Police Fort, Port Shepstone Old Police Fort , Port Shepstone District Port Shepstone KZN 170 Historical and architectural interest - unusual design with fortifications on flat-topped roofs of b Provincial Heritage Site
1275 9/2/439/0001 Paddock Station, Paddock, Port Shepstone District Paddock Station Paddock KZN 7998 Historical and architectural interest - This late Edwardian railway station with its wood and iron b Provincial Heritage Site
1276 9/2/448/0001 North and South Gun Points Lancaster Hill Battlefield, Farm Vryheid, Vryheid District North and South Gun Points Lancaster Hill Battlefield Farm Vryheid, Vryheid District KZN The two fortresses referred to here are in a very good condition and form part of a panoramic attrac Provincial Heritage Site
1277 9/2/444/0009 Hermannsburg Lutheran Church, Hermannsburg Hermanns Lutheran Church , Hermannsburg Hermannsburg KZN 1324 This church is closely associated with the history and founding of the Hermannsburg Mission Society Provincial Heritage Site
1278 9/2/440/0007 Carnarvon Masonic Lodge, 57 Russel Street, Richmond Carnarvon Masonic Lodge 57 Russel Street Richmond KZN 272 Oldest county lodge in Natal (Coulson, C. Beaulieu-on-Illovo Richmond Natal. Its people and history Provincial Heritage Site
1279 9/2/446/0002 Old Residency, Arbuckle (Cnr Clayton) Street, Himeville Old Residency Arbuckle (Cnr Clayton) Street Himeville KZN 49 & 50 (39) The building complements the Himevilie Fort in function, style and detail. It has been in constant use as the Magistrate’s Residence and as such has played a leading role in the social ilife of the district. An outstanding example of a residence of a prom Provincial Heritage Site
1280 9/2/437/0012 Christianenberg Berlin Mission Church, Krause Street, Clermont: Historic Bell Tower, ChristianenburgBerlin Mission Station, Clermont, Pinetowm District Christianenburg Berlin Mission Church Krause Street Clermont KZN 214 The historic bell tower, church bell and cross are intimately connected with the history of the Berlin Mission in South Africa. Provincial Heritage Site
1281 9/2/437/0011 Indigo Vats, Paradise Valley, Pinetown Indigo Vats Entabeni Road Pinetown KZN 3079 These vats were constructed by two Dutch immigrants, Colenbrander and Van Prehn, and were used between 1854 and 1856 for the manufacture of indigo dye. Provincial Heritage Site
1282 9/2/437/0005 Umbilo Waterworks, Paradise Valley Nature Reserve, Pinetown Umbilo Waterworks Oxford Road Pinetown KZN 3064 & 3065 This site is one of the earliest large scale gravity fed water supply schemes in South AFrica. Provincial Heritage Site
1283 9/2/436/0094 The Grove, 29 Riverton Road, Pietermaritzburg The Grove 29 Riverton Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 298 Among the few original surviving homesteads in the Scottsville area, an example of a suburban single storey residential house in colonial verandah style. The original symmetry of the house has been compomised by alteration but enough of the house survive Register
1284 9/2/436/0087 131 Pietermaritz (Cnr Deanery) Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 131 Pietermaritz (Cnr Deanery) Street, Central 131 Pietermaritz (Cnr Deanery) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2313 This building was listed in terms of Clause 27 bis of the Draft Town Planning Scheme on 14 February Provincial Heritage Site
1285 9/2/436/0083 Norfolk Villa, 196 Loop Street, Pietermaritzburg Norfolk Villa 196 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2719 This prominent building at various times the home of two prominet and high ranking, Imperial militar Provincial Heritage Site
1286 9/2/440/0010 Richmond and Byrne District Museum, 46 Victoria (Cnr Chiley) Street, Richmond Richmond & Byrne District Museum 46 Victoria (Cnr Chilley) Street Richmond KZN 219 This building is the best preserved and most impressive surviving example of a vernacular form of ar Provincial Heritage Site
1287 9/2/446/0001/001 Himeville Fort, 34 Arbuckle (Cnr George) Street, Himeville: Undeclared section Himeville Fort 34 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 36 Register
1288 9/2/436/0005-164 46 Braid Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 46 Braid Street 46 Braid Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 1966 The house has architectural merit and is part of an architectural grouping, over eighty years old, a Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1289 9/2/444/0006 General Louis Botha's Birthplace, Greytown, Umvoti District General Louis Botha's Birthplace , Umvoti District Greytown KZN 1355 Birthplace of General Louis Botha, an historically important South African leader and politician. Provincial Heritage Site
1290 9/2/444/0003 Town Hall, 37-47 Bell (Cnr Pine) Street, Greytown Greytown Town Hall 37-47 Bell (Cnr Pine) Street Greytown KZN 1196 (407?) architecture design of quality Provincial Heritage Site
1291 9/2/447/0015 Old Powder Magazine, President Street, Utrecht Republican Powder Magazine President Street Utrecht KZN 739 One of three similar structures erected by the ZAR in 1893. Provincial Heritage Site
1292 9/2/447/0013 Dutch Reformed Church, 50 Church (Bloem) Street, Utrecht Dutch Reformed Church 50 Church (Cnr Bloem) Utrecht KZN 236 & 237 & 238 The foundation stone of this church was laid by the commandant General of the Transvaal, Gen. P.J. J Provincial Heritage Site
1293 9/2/447/0009 Dirk Uys House, 61 Church Street, Utrecht Dirk Uys House 61 Church Street Utrecht KZN 242 Historical and architectural interest - the original portion of this house is one of the earliest bu Provincial Heritage Site
1294 9/2/439/0016 Royston Hall, 10 Royston Lane, Umtentweni Royston Hall Umtentweni Umtentweni KZN 949 This local landmark is the oldest residence in the area. It was occupied from 1906 to 1942 by "Galloping Jack" Brigadier-General John Robinson Royston, CMG,DSO a prominent figure in his time. Register
1296 9/2/440/0001 Blarney, Farm Dunbar Estate 1478, Richmond District Blarney Farm Dunbar Estate 1478 Richmond KZN 1478 One of the earliest British settler homes in Byrne, Natal, built by Fred McLeod. Provincial Heritage Site
1297 9/2/441/0002 Sycamore Fig Riverine Forest, Farm Kleinspan 14182, Ubombo District Sycamore Fig Riverine Forest Banks of Mkuzi River, Farm Kleinspan KZN 14182 Heritage Area
1298 9/2/440/0015 Lynmouth Glacial Pavement, Farm Hopewell 881, Richmond District Lynmouth Glacial Pavement KZN 881 This unspoiled site is one of geological significance, exhibiting fine evidence of the glacial activ Provincial Heritage Site
1299 9/2/440/0014 Joseph Baynes Mausoleum, Farm Nel's Rust 849, Richmond District Joseph Baynes Mausoleum Farm Nel's Rust 849, Richmond District KZN 849 This aesthetically significant site is the burial place of Joseph Baynes, a turn of the century phil Provincial Heritage Site
1300 9/2/440/0013 Old Nel's Rust Dairy, Farm Nel's Rust 849, Richmond District Old Nel's Rust Dairy Farm Nel's Rust 849 KZN 849 The Old Nel's Rust Dairy is one of the best designed and hence most architecturally significant agri Provincial Heritage Site
1301 9/2/440/0012 First Cattle Dip, Farm Meyershoek 847, Richmond District First Cattle Dip Farm Meyershoek 847 KZN 847 This site is one of great significance in the development of stock farming in Southern Africa, being Provincial Heritage Site
1302 9/2/440/0011 Baynes House, Farm Nel's Rust 849, Richmond District Baynes House Farm Nel's Rust 849 Richmond KZN 849 Architectural and Historical interest - This house is one of the great rural manor houses of Natal. Provincial Heritage Site
1303 9/2/444/0008 Greytown Museum, 68 Scott (Cnr Durban) Street, Greytown Greytown Museum 68 Scott (Cnr Durban) Street Greytown KZN 1145 (138 & 139) Historical and architectural interest - The historic building of the Greytown Museum was used as a d Provincial Heritage Site
1304 9/2/446/0006-011 11 Arbuckle Street, Himeville, Underberg District 11 Arbuckle Street 11 Arbuckle Street Himeville KZN 33 One of only two surviving Natal verandah houses in the village. It is the older of the two. Register
1305 9/2/415/0002 Keer Weder, 25 Keate Street, Ladysmith Keer Weder 25 Keate Street Ladysmith KZN 769 One of the finest Victorian houses in Ladysmith (in urgent need of repair) Provincial Heritage Site
1306 9/2/418/0001 Old Fort Police Station, Rood Street, Stanger Police Station Rood Stret Stanger KZN 90 Register
1307 9/2/415/0022 Soofie Mosque and Maddressa, 41 Mosque (Soofie) Road, Ladysmith Soofie Mosque 41 Mosque Road Ladysmith KZN 1006 A landmark of delight Provincial Heritage Site
1308 9/2/415/0019 Railway Institute, 316 Murchison (Cnr Albert) Street, Ladysmith Railway Institute Murchison (Cnr Albert) Street Ladysmith KZN 730 Declared a National Monument 24 June 1983 Provincial Heritage Site
1309 9/2/417/0008 Tweedie Hall, Farm Tweedie Hall 11880, Lions River District Tweedie Hall Farm Tweedie Hall 11880 Tweedie KZN 11880 Historical and architectural interest - designed by Street-Wilson and built by a Mr James, for James Provincial Heritage Site
1310 9/2/415/0018 Llandaff Oratory, Van Reenen, Klip River District Llandaff Oratory ,Van Reenen Van Reenen KZN 115 This red brick chapel was erected in 1925 by Joseph Maynard Mathew, at the time landrost in Natal, t Provincial Heritage Site
1311 9/2/415/0008 Platrand Battlefield, Farm Fourie's Kraal 1183 (Riet Kuil 1067), Klip River District Platrand Battlefield , Klip River District KZN 1183 & 1067 Historical interest - the crown of this hill was a British defensive site during the Anglo-Boer War, Provincial Heritage Site
1312 9/2/415/0026 Elandslaagte Battlefield, Farm Brakfontein 1046, Klip River District Elandslaagte Battlefield Farm Brakfontein 1046, Klip River District KZN 1046 The battle at Elandslaagte on 21 October 1899 was the second action of the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902 Provincial Heritage Site
1313 9/2/415/0028 Castor and Pollux, 6,3 in. RML Howitzer, Ladysmith Castor and Pollux Ladysmith KZN These two guns are well known amongst historians and others interested in the history of the Anglo-B Heritage Object
1314 9/2/415/0027 Town Hall, Murchison (Cnr Queen) Street, Ladysmith Town Hall 151 Murchison Street Ladysmith KZN 0001 The clocktower and the adjacent rooms were declared National Monuments on10.8.79 Provincial Heritage Site
1315 9/2/412/0014 Ottawa Estate Shree Emperumal Temple, Ottawa, Inanda District Ottawa Estate Shree Emperumal Temple opposite polo grounds, Ottawa Ottawa KZN 1157 Erected in 1892, this temple is a typical small cane workers temple in the South Indian, Dravidian style. Erected by indentured labourers it serves an important religious and social function in Ottawa. Typical of small Dravidian temples, the structure h Register
1316 9/2/412/0012/001 John Dube House, Ohlange Institution, Inanda District John Dube House Ohlange Institution KZN 253 The home of John Dube, first president of the ANC, a pioneer educationist, black editor and politica Provincial Heritage Site
1317 9/2/412/0009 Narainsamy Temple, Inanda Road, Newlands Nariansamy Temple Inanda Road Newlands KZN 165 Founded by one Narainsamy in 1896 and designed and built by Kristappa Reddy, this temple has a finel Provincial Heritage Site
1318 9/2/412/0007 Shri Jagannath Puri Temple, Belvedere Road, Tongaat Jagannath Puri Temple Belvedere Road Tongaat KZN 79 This richly ornamented temple was constructed by Pandit Shiskishan Maharaj, a Hindu priest who immigrated to South Africa in 1895. The temple, surrounded by a moat, was dedicated to the war like god Jagannathi. Provincial Heritage Site
1319 9/2/412/0006-012 Ganesha Temple, North Coast Road, Mount Edgecombe Ganesha Temple 127-135 Marshall Drive, Mount Edgecombe Mount Edgecombe KZN 22 This Hindu temple is the first building by the well-known architect and builder, Kristappa Reddy. Th Provincial Heritage Site
1320 9/2/412/0004 Ottawa House, Farm Lot 20 1529, Inanda District Ottawa House Farm Lot 20 1529 KZN 1529 Ottawa House is a well known and prominent mansion associated with the growth of the sugar industry Provincial Heritage Site
1321 9/2/415/0004 Hime Bridge, Farm Platberg 1241, Klip River District Hime Bridge KZN 1045 This bridge is the best preserved and least threatened of the bridges which formed the first major roadworks linking Natal with the Transvaal. Register
1322 9/2/417/0013 St John's Gowrie Presbyterian Church, Nottingham Road, Lions River District St John's Presbyterian Church , Nottingham Road Nottingham Road KZN 1930 Provincial Heritage Site
1323 9/2/436/0005-289 11 Burger (Cnr Pine) Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 11 Burger (Cnr Pine) Street 11 Burger (cnr Pine Street South) Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 0003; 2701 The house has architecrual merit in that it is a good example of the Pmb red brick verancular, is ov Pending (Register)
1324 9/2/417/0009 Howick Clinic, 24 Morling Street, Howick Howick Clinic 24 Morling Street Howick KZN 7 Built during the late 19th century, this is one of the oldest buildings in the Natal Colonial style Provincial Heritage Site
1325 9/2/417/0007 Howick Waterfall, Falls View Drive, Howick Howick Falls , Howick Howick KZN 95 metres high and situated close to the village of Howick, established at the old travellers' river Provincial Heritage Site
1326 9/2/418/0003 Stanger South School, Balcomb (Cnr Albert Luthuli) Street, Stanger Stanger South School Balcomb (Cnr Albert Luthuli) Street Stanger KZN 249-258 Historical - two rooms of a private house were opened as Stanger's first European school 5 August 18 Provincial Heritage Site
1327 9/2/422/0006/002 Weston Agricultural College, Farm Weston Training School 13981, Mooi River District: Old Commanding Officer's Quarters Weston Agricultural College Farm Weston Training School 13981, Mooi River District KZN 13981 (One of) These two wood-and-iron houses, which were erected in 1900, are relics of the British Milit Provincial Heritage Site
1328 9/2/422/0006/001 Weston Agricultural College, Farm Weston Training School 13981, Mooi River District: Old Medical Officers and Nurses Residences Weston Agricultural College Farm Weston Training School 13981, Mooi River District KZN 13981 (One of) These two wood-and-iron houses, which were erected in 1900, are relics of the British Milit Provincial Heritage Site
1329 9/2/415/0025 Dutch Corps Monument, Elandslaagte Battlefield, Farm Brakfontein 1046, Kilp River District Dutch Corps Monument, Elandslaagte Battlefield Farm Brakfontein , Klip River District KZN 1046 This memorial, which was designed by G. Moerdyk of Pretoria, was built by the firm Barker and Nel of Volksrust and was erected by the citizens of The Netherlands in memory of members of the Dutch Corps who died during the battle at Elandslaagte on 21 Octo Provincial Heritage Site
1330 9/2/422/0001 Helen Bridge, Weston, Mooi River District Helen Bridge , Mooi River District Mooi River KZN Helen Bridge The first bridge built north of Pietermaritzburg, situated at the old Voortrekker and pioneer crossi Provincial Heritage Site
1332 9/2/417/0005 Owthorne House, Farm Bosch Hoek 973, Lions River District Owthorne House Farm Bosch Hoek 973, Lions River District The Dargle KZN 973 Historical and architectural interest - the farmhouse was built by Wiliam Charles Shaw, one of an im Provincial Heritage Site
1333 9/2/417/0003-001 Fairfell Farmstead, Shafton Road, Howick Fairfell Farmstead Shafton Road Howick KZN 755 A fine example of rural architecture of Natal, with wrap-around verandahs. Importance is enhanced du Provincial Heritage Site
1334 9/2/417/0002 Tweedie Research Station, Farm Riversdale 950, Lions River District Tweedie Research Station Farm Riversdale 950, Lions River District KZN 950 The farmstead has been owned by various well-known Natal figures over the years and is a good exampl Provincial Heritage Site
1335 9/2/417/0001/001 Cedara College, Lions River District: Old Hostel Building Cedara College: Original Main Building , Lions River District KZN 952 This building housed the first Natal Govt Agricultural College and Experimental Station and served a Provincial Heritage Site
1336 9/2/415/0033 The Residency, 11-13 Wright Road, Ladysmith The Residency 11-13 Wright Road Ladysmith KZN 505 As the most prominent prototype of a vernacular housing style which was designed to suit climatic co Provincial Heritage Site
1337 9/2/415/0030 Dutch Reformed Church, 103 Murchison Street, Ladysmith Dutch Reformed Church 103 Murchison Street Ladysmith KZN 845 The architect, Moerdijk, promoted Afrikaans culture and specialised in Dutch Reformed Church buildin Provincial Heritage Site
1338 9/2/422/0003 St Theresa's Roman Catholic Church, Westacre Road, Mooi River St Theresa Roman Catholic Church Mooi River KZN 2 Register
1339 9/2/407/0068 Little Chelsea, 18 Windermere Road, Durban Little Chelsea 18 Windermere Road Durban KZN 1737 It is one of the last remaining double storey cast-iron verandah buildings in Durban and the quality Provincial Heritage Site
1340 9/2/407/0085 Passive Resistance Site, Umbilo (Cnr Gale) Road, Durban Passive Resistance Site Umbilo (Cnr Gale) Road Durban KZN 8264 This site symbolises for the Indian community in KZN the start of the Passive Resistance C Provincial Heritage Site
1341 9/2/407/0083 Hollis House, 178 Florida Road, Durban Hollis House Florida Road Durban KZN 1737 One of the great homes of Durban this building is renowned for the quality of its design, finishes a Provincial Heritage Site
1342 9/2/407/0079 271 Cowey Road, Essenwood, Durban 271 Cowey Road 271 Cowey Road Durban KZN 1201 This unusual find is one of the few intact examples of the life-style and tastes of occupants of Dur Provisional Protection
1343 9/2/407/0077 Dutch Reformed Church, 151 Smith Street, Durban Dutch Reformed Church 151 Smith Street Durban KZN 10605 This prominent structure is designed by an important architect and fulfilled a crucial historical ro Provincial Heritage Site
1344 9/2/407/0076 Phoenix Settlement, Phoenix, Durban Phoenix Settlement Durban KZN A Provisional Protection
1345 9/2/407/0074 First Outspan Wild Fig Tree, Westville First Outspan Wild Fig Tree Westville Westville KZN 1590 The tree stood at the first outspan post on the old road between Pietermaritzburg and Durban. Provisional Protection
1346 9/2/410/0002 Karel Landman House, Farm Uithoek 1335, Glencoe District Karel Landman House Farm Uithoek, Dundee District KZN 1335 The home of Karel Pieter Landman 1795-1875, Voortrekker leader from Cape Colony via Trans-Oranje to Provincial Heritage Site
1347 9/2/407/0070 Memorial Tower Building, King George V Avenue, Durban Memorial Tower Building King George V Avenue Durban KZN 5702 & 487 & 490 The Memorial Tower was built c1947-50, funds being raised from various sources. Together with the Ho Provincial Heritage Site
1348 9/2/408/0006 Old Residency, Eshowe Old Eshowe Residency Eshowe Eshowe KZN 439 The Residency in Eshowe was built in 1894 and first occupied by Resident Commissioner, Sir Charles S Provincial Heritage Site
1349 9/2/407/0067 Durban Indian Girls Secondary School, 88 Carlisle (Cnr Dartnell) Road, Durban Durban Indian Girls Secondary School 88 Carlisle Road Durban KZN 3331 An important building in architectural, cultural and historical terms. Provincial Heritage Site
1350 9/2/407/0066 Howard Memorial College, King George V Aveneue, Durban Howard College King George V Avenue Durban KZN 5702 & 487 & 490 It forms an integral part of the history of the University of Natal, creates a focal point and thus Provincial Heritage Site
1351 9/2/407/0065 Elephant House, 745 Ridge Road, Durban Elephant House Ridge Road Durban KZN 246 Elephant House dates from about 1849 and is the most historic of the remaining colonial period houses in Durban. It contributes greatly to the historic Ridge Road environment, one of Durban's most important environments. Provincial Heritage Site
1352 9/2/407/0064 Cottam Grove Hotel, 303-309 Florida (Cnr Cottam) Road, Durban Cottam Grove Hotel 303-309 Florida Road Durban KZN 784 Provincial Heritage Site
1353 9/2/407/0060 Beachwood Mangroves, Broadway, Durban Beachwood Mangroves Farm Graham 12774 (area as specified in Govt Notice 1461 of 18 July 1980) Durban KZN 12774 (for delienation see copy of Gazette Notice on file) The Beachwood Mangroves are of significant botanical, educational and historical value because they Provincial Heritage Site
1354 9/2/407/0046 King's House, Eastbourne Road, Durban King's House Eastborne Road Durban KZN 625 This building has been intimately connected with the constitutional development of Natal and South A Provincial Heritage Site
1355 9/2/407/0073 War Department Lords' Ground Boundary Marker No 2, Old Fort Road, Durban War Department Lords' Ground Boundary Marker No.2 Old Fort Road Durban KZN Unknown This unusual marker is significant in that it is the only remaining one of many which were once used to demarcate property boundaries in the City of Durban. As such it is also a notable physical manifestation of the history of survey techniques and estab Provincial Heritage Site
1356 9/2/409/0013 Ambleside Military Cemetery, Farm Bridle Drift, Estcourt District Ambleside Military Cemetery Farm Bridle Drift, Estcourt District KZN 1138 Provincial Heritage Site
1357 9/2/418/0002 Shaka Memorial, King Shaka Street, Stanger Shaka Memorial King Shaka Street Stanger KZN 169 & 170 Monument, made in Newcastle, erected in 1932 on the alleged site of King Shaka's grave; not official Provincial Heritage Site
1360 9/2/409/0022 Settler Cottage, 87 Lorne Street, Estcourt Settler Cottage 87 Lorne Street Estcourt KZN 126 A very rare early settler cottage under thatch, reputed to be the oldest house in Estcourt, this lit Provincial Heritage Site
1361 9/2/409/0021 Old Agricultural Hall, Harding Street, Estcourt Old Agricultural Hall Harding Street Estcourt KZN 149 An impressive sandstone building designed by Kent and Price and officially opened in December 1901; designed in the neo-Classical style the Agricultural Hall forms a unique civic complex together with the adjacent City Hall. Provincial Heritage Site
1362 9/2/409/0020 Marianne Church Ruins, Farm Doveton, Estcourt District Marianne Church Ruins Farm Doveton, Estcourt District KZN These ruins are the remains of the second Dutch Reformed Church erected in Natal and which was in us Provincial Heritage Site
1363 9/2/407/0087 Kingsleigh Lodge, 241 McDonald Road, Durban Kingsleigh Lodge Cnr Manning Road, Glenwood Durban KZN 5211 & 5212 This prominent building, at various times a police station, nursing home and private hotel, is a noted landmark in its area, and is an excellent example of it building type. Register
1364 9/2/409/0018 Bloukrans Battlefield, Farm Rama 929, Estcourt District: Bloukrans Memorial Bloukrans Memorial Farm Rama 929 KZN 929 Scene of the 'Groot Moord' February 1838, of some 480 Voortrekkers and their servants by Zulu impi; Provincial Heritage Site
1365 9/2/408/0001 Fort Nongquai, Eshowe: Zululand Museum Fort Nonquai , Eshowe Eshowe KZN 415 Provincial Heritage Site
1366 9/2/409/0010 Saailaer, Farm Zaay Lager 1199, Estcourt District Saailaer Farm Zaay Lager 1199, Estcourt District Estcourt KZN 4564 Provincial Heritage Site
1367 9/2/409/0009 Bartle House, St Gregory College, Estcourt District Bartle House, St Gregory College , Estcourt District Frere KZN 139 Bartle House is a well designed and restored building prominently situated in a location where a bui Provincial Heritage Site
1368 9/2/409/0004 Fort Durnford, Kemps Road, Estcourt Fort Durnford Kemps Road Estcourt KZN 1081 This extensive fortification was designed by Colonel A.W.Durnford and erected in 1874. Provincial Heritage Site
1369 9/2/409/0003 Bulwer Bridge and Old Toll House, Colenso, Estcourt District Bulwer Bridge and Tollhouse , Colenso Colenso KZN 116 The Bulwer Bridge is the oldest stone and steel structure in the Republic, while the Toll House is t Provincial Heritage Site
1370 9/2/409/0002 Greystone, Farm Vegt Lager 801, Estcourt District Greystone Farm Vegt Lager 801 KZN 801 This impressive Victorian farmhouse, with its ornamental wood-decorated verandah, was built in 1873 Provincial Heritage Site
1371 9/2/408/0010 Eshowe Junior School, 57 Main Street, Eshowe Eshowe Junior School 57 Main Street Eshowe KZN 1139 Built c1900 this fine Victorian redbrick school building with its large gable and ornamented wooden verandah is an excellent example of its type and period. As an intitution the school itself, having been established by the Government of the Colony of Zu Register
1373 9/2/409/0019 Brynbella Battlefield Stone Wall, Farm Tamboekieskraal 1927 (Farm Zuur Hoek 1928), Estcourt District Brynbella Battlefield Stone Wall Farm Tamboekieskraal 1927 (Zuur Hoek 1928), Estcourt District KZN This dolorite wall was presumably erected during the period 1870-1880 as boundard between the farms Provincial Heritage Site
1374 9/2/429/0019 Fort Amiel, Fort Street, Newcastle Fort Amiel Fort Street Newcastle KZN 4589 This structure was named after Major Ameil and was erected in about 1878. It was used by British sol Provincial Heritage Site
1375 9/2/417/0017 Aird Farmhouse, Farm Petrusstroom No.954, Lions River District Aird Farmhouse Farm Petrusstroom No.954 KZN 954 Built c1882 by the transport rider James Clark this originally L-shaped, stone farmstead with hipped corrugated roof and characterictic cast-iron front verandah is recognised as one of the important homes of the Natal Midlands. Though altered and painted Register
1376 9/2/436/0001/001 Fort Napier, Devonshire Road, Pietermaritzburg: Officers' Mess Old Officers Mess, Fort Napier Fort Napier, Devonshire Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 3127 Part of military headquarters for Imperial troops in Natal 1843-1914. This building is probably one Provincial Heritage Site
1377 9/2/435/0003 Old Residency, Paulpietersburg Old Residency , Paulpietersburg Paulpietersburg KZN 532 This Drostdy, erected in 1906, was the first British public building to be built in the vicinity. It Provincial Heritage Site
1378 9/2/435/0002 Library, 27 Smit Street, Paulpietersburg Library 27 Smit Street Paulpietersburg KZN 366 This impressive building was first used as a storehouse by British soldiers during the Anglo-Boer Wa Provincial Heritage Site
1379 9/2/435/0001 Kruger Bridge, Farms Uitval 195 and Eersteling 690, Paulpietersburg District Kruger Bridge Farms Uitval 195 & Eersteling 690 KZN 195 & 690 This fine stone bridge was completed in 1898 on the instructions of the Government of the South African Republic. Provincial Heritage Site
1380 9/2/434/0005 Prince Imperial Memorial, Reserve No.18 7638, Nqutu District Prince Imperial Memorial Farm No.18 7638 KZN 15840 Prince Imperial, son of Napoleon III of France joined the British forces in Zululand during the Zulu Provincial Heritage Site
1381 9/2/436/0001/004 Fort Napier, Devonshire Road, Pietermaritzburg: Historic Core Historic Core Fort Napier, Devonshire Road Pietermaritzburg KZN The various buildings of Fort Napier, including one of the original bastions of the the old fort and Provincial Heritage Site
1382 9/2/429/0027 Old Court House, Holland Street, Charlestown Old Court House Holland Street Charlestown KZN 312 Built as a court house in 1906 for the Colonial Public Works Department (1889 date on building inaccurate), plans for this small wood and iron building were drawn up by the Public Works Branch, Natal Colony. The building neatly indicates the size of th Register
1383 9/2/436/0002 City Hall, 260 Commercial (Cnr Church) Road, Pietermaritzburg Pietermaritzburg City Hall Commercial (Cnr Church) Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 2526 The City Hall has great historical and architectural importance, is a work of a recognised master an Provincial Heritage Site
1384 9/2/429/0018 Buffalo River Bridge, Farms Milton 1007 and Kromellenboog 170, Newcastle District Buffalo River Bridge Farms Milton 1007 & Kromellenboog 170 KZN 15007 & 8692 This bridge was erected jointly by the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek and the Colony of Natal and was o Provincial Heritage Site
1385 9/2/429/0017 Old Magazine, Scott Street, Newcastle Old Magazine Scott Street Newcastle KZN 13051 The old Armoury was presumably built in 1860 by military volunteers as an arsenal for the defence of the area around Newcastle. It was used as a mobilisation post during 1914-1918 and again in 1939 and is therefore closely associated with the history of Provincial Heritage Site
1386 9/2/429/0016 Hilldrop House (Rider Haggard House), Hilldrop Road, Newcastle Hilldrop House Hilldrop Road Newcastle KZN 3345 This imposing building was erected by Sir Melmoth Osborne, resident magistrate of Newcastle from 1868 to 1875. Sir Rider Haggard took occupation in January 1881 and during his sojourn the Royal Commission which drew up the terms of the Pretoria Convention Provincial Heritage Site
1387 9/2/429/0013 Old Residency, 96 Allen Street, Newcastle Old Residency 96 Allen Street Newcastle KZN 11902 Register
1388 9/2/429/0010/002 Majuba Battlefield, Farm Majuba North 11267, Newcastle District: Conservation Area Majuba Battlefield: Conservation Area , Newcastle District KZN 11267 Heritage Area
1389 9/2/429/0010 Majuba Battlefield, Farm Majuba North 11267, Newcastle District Majuba Battlefield Newcastle District KZN 11267 & 10614 & 8441 Battlesite of significant victory for the Boers against British forces led by Sir George Pomeroy Provincial Heritage Site
1390 9/2/430/0001 Lutheran Church, New Hanover Lutheran Church , New Hanover New Hanover KZN 1315 (Cons Sub 35?) Historical and architectural interest - This cruciform church was erected in 1867 by German settlers Provincial Heritage Site
1391 9/2/436/0005-111 39-39A Henrietta Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 39-39A Henrietta Street 39-39A Henrietta Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2729 ; 2730 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1392 9/2/436/0005-246 412 Longmarket St, Central, Pietermaritzburg 412 Longmarket St 412 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2641 The house is of considerable historical and architectural importance and is a rare example of its ty Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1393 9/2/436/0005-200 Ketelfontein, 231 Old Howick Road, Pietermaritzburg Ketelfontein 231 old Howick Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 1622 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1394 9/2/436/0005-198 House Ripkin, 428 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg House Ripkin 428 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2642 This house is of considerable historical and architectural merit, and a rare and outstanding example Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1395 9/2/436/0071 Dudgeon House, 385 Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg Dudgeon House 385 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2538 The house is of national historical and architectural importance. It is an outstanding example of it Provincial Heritage Site
1396 9/2/436/0005-130 5 Hillside Road, Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg 5 Hillside Road 5 Hillside Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 348 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1397 9/2/436/0005-123 420 Loop Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 420 Loop Street 420 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2742 Dwelling of architectural importance, outstanding example of its type; over eighty years old and con Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1398 9/2/436/0001/002 St George's Garrison Anglican Church, Fort Napier, Devonshire Road, Pietermaritzburg St George's Garrison Church Fort Napier, Devonshire Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 3104 Historical and architectural- This building is of significance in terms of its architecture, environ Provincial Heritage Site
1399 9/2/436/0005-115 4 McCullum Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 4 McCullum Street 4 McCullum Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2402 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1400 9/2/436/0005-036 Kensington, 359 Bulwer Street (cnr Boshoff Street), Pietermaritzburg Kensington 359 Bulwer Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2935 This prominent house is a landmark in Pmb, commanding as it does the Boshoff Street entrance to the Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1401 9/2/436/0005-073 202 Chapel Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 202 Chapel Street Chapel Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2615 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1402 9/2/436/0005-068 180 Loop Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 180 Loop Street 180 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2718 This is a distinctive house of architectural importance and a rare and outstanding example of its ty Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1403 9/2/436/0005-058 11 Carlyle (Cnr Chancery) Arcade, Central, Pietermaritzburg 11 Carlyle (Cnr Chancery) Arcade 11 Carlyle Arcade Pietermaritzburg KZN 2522 The building has architectural merit and is part of an architectural grouping, making a significant Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1404 9/2/436/0005-091 278 Prince Alfred Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 278 Prince Alfred Street 278 Prince Alfred Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2928 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1405 9/2/436/0005-089 270 Longmarket Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 270 Longmarket Street 270 Longmarket Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2627 This building is of historical and architectural importance, as well as being over eighty years old Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1406 9/2/436/0005-087 25 Loop Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 25 Loop Street 25 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2668 The house is of architectural importance and part of a grouping of architectural merit. It is more t Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1407 9/2/436/0005-116 4 Stranack Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 4 Stranack Street 4 Stranck Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2221 The cottage has architectural merit and is part of a grouping, over eighty years old, and makes a si Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1408 9/2/436/0005-015 Lister House, 36 Buckingham Avenue, Pietermaritzburg Lister House 36 Buckingham Avenue Pietermaritzburg KZN 461 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1409 9/2/419/0004 St Lucia Lighthouse, Farm State Land 7638, Lower Umfolozi District St Lucia Lighthouse (Farm Stateland 7638?) Cape St Lucia KZN 15823 Supplied by Chance Brothers of Smethwick, England in 1892, this cast-iron structure originally stood at Mahlongwa Head, but was moved to St Lucia in 1906 after a new system was devised for marking the Aliwal Shoal. It is the sister of the Port Shepstone Register
1410 9/2/418/0016 Bogmore, Farm Compensation 868, Lower Tugela District Bogmore Farm Compensation 868, Lower Tugela District KZN 868 Built between 1903 and 1905 by Horace Hulett, son of Sir Liege Hulett, founder of Hullett Sugar, this house was until recently owned by the Hulett Familly. It is now the property of a Mr Patrick Shorten, who runs it as 'Shortens Country House', an upmark Register
1411 9/2/418/0015 Morewood Sugar Mill Memorial Garden, Farm Compensation 868, Lower Tugela District Morewood Memorial Garden Farm Compensation 868, Lower Tugela District KZN 868 Morewood Memorial Garden is the site which commemorates the origins of South African sugar production in SA. Provincial Heritage Site
1412 9/2/418/0014 Isivundu House, Farm Isivundu 1954, Lower Tugela District Isivundu House Farm Isivundu, Lower Tugela District KZN 1954 Of historical and architectural interest - the mansion dates from c1900 and is one of the few remain Provincial Heritage Site
1413 9/2/418/0013 Convention Tree, Tugela Station, Lower Tugela District Convention Tree Tugela Station Tugela Station KZN Declared as a 'fine botanical specimen' after it was discovered that the tree had mistakenly been de Provisional Protection
1414 9/2/418/0011 Kearsney Methodist Chapel, Farm Kearsney 2201, Lower Tugela District Kearsney Methodist Chapel Farm Kearsney, Lower Tugela District Kearsney KZN 14629 Of historical and architectural interest - designed by Stott & Kirby to serve the growing community Provincial Heritage Site
1415 9/2/429/0009 Kliphuis Moedergemeente, 64 Voortrekker Street, Newcastle Kliphuis 64 Voortrekker Street Newcastle KZN 679 Built by a local builder, Magnus MacIntosh, for a Dr Ormond in 1903, during the 1920's this house se Register
1416 9/2/418/0009 Fort Pearson, Farm Williamsom 12871, Lower Tugela District Fort Pearson Harold Wilson Nature Reserve, Farm Williamson 12871 KZN 15437 Of historical significance being constructed by Col Charles Knight Pearson during the 1879 Anglo-Zul Provincial Heritage Site
1417 9/2/420/0003 Ulundi Battlefield, Mahlabatini District Ulundi Battlefield KZN Battlesite where Cetshwayo's warriors were defeated by the British on 04 July 1879. Provincial Heritage Site
1418 9/2/436/0005-013 Comrades House, 18 Connaught Road, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg Comrades House 18 Connaught Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 1943 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1419 9/2/436/0005-012 148 Loop Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 148 Loop Street 148 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 3017 The house is of historical and architectural importance. It is over eighty years old, forms part of Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1420 9/2/436/0005-006 123 Loop Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 123 Loop Street 123 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2612 This house is considered to be of significant historical and architectural merit and is a particular Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1421 9/2/436/0005-005 121 Loop (Cnr Temple) Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 121 Loop (Cnr Temple) Street 121 Loop Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2612 The house both historical and architectural merit, it is a rare and outstanding example of its archi Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1422 9/2/436/0005-002 12 Oxford Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 12 Oxford Street 12 Oxford Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2164 The building has architectural merit and is part of a grouping of architectural merit, over eighty y Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
1423 9/2/434/0001 Isandlwana Battlefield, Reserve 18 15840, Nqutu District Isandlwana Battlefield , Ngutu District KZN 15840 In the vicinity of this hill a British force under the immediate command of Lieut.-Col. A. W. Durnford and Brevet-Lieut. Col. B. Pulleine was virtually annihilated on the 22nd January 1879 by a Zulu impi of between 20 000 and 25 000 men under the command Provincial Heritage Site
1424 9/2/418/0010 Ultimatum Tree, Farm Lot 5 2612, Lower Tugela District Ultimatum Tree Farm Lot 5 2612 KZN 2612 Site where ultimatum leading to the outbreak of the Anglo-Zulu War was delivered to Zulu King Cetswa Provincial Heritage Site
1425 9/2/423/0008 Bandstand, Main Street, Kokstad Bandstand Main Street Kokstad KZN 368 Historical and Architectural interest - This ornamental Victorian cast-iron bandstand dates from 191 Provincial Heritage Site
1426 9/2/407/0045 Portview, 183 Cowey (Cnr Haden) Road, Durban Portview 183 Cowey (Cnr Haden) Road Durban KZN 3064 This remarkable building, one of the few surviving great mansions of Durban, is noted for the state Provincial Heritage Site
1427 9/2/429/0001 O'Neill's Cottage, Farm Stonewall 3109, Newcastle District O'Neill's Cottage Farm Stonewall 3109, Newcastle District KZN It was in this cottage that negotiations took place during a number of meetings in March 1881, atten Provincial Heritage Site
1428 9/2/427/0005 Fort Tenedos, Farm Alliance 14837, Mtunzini District Fort Tenedos Farm Alliance 14837 KZN 15 The fort played a major role in the Anglo-Zulu War 1879, being the first fortification constructed b Provincial Heritage Site
1429 9/2/427/0002 Tugela Battlefield, Lot 14 Farm Tugela 10600, Mtunzini District Tugela Battlefield Lot 14 Farm Tugela 10600 KZN 14 On 17 April 1838 a number of British settlers and their auxilliaries went to the aid of Voortrekkers Provincial Heritage Site
1430 9/2/427/0001 Raffia Palms, Lot 162, Mtunzini Raffia Palms , Mtunzini Mtunzini KZN 162 This extensive grove of raffia palms (R. australis) was estabished at Mtunzini in 1916 from seed sen Provincial Heritage Site
1432 9/2/420/0001 Mpande's Nodwengu Royal Homestead and Grave, Ulundi, Mahlabatini Mpande's Nodwengu Homestead & Grave Ulundi KZN Royal residence of King Mpande occupied by him from 1840-1872; his burial place. Provincial Heritage Site
1433 9/2/423/0009 Kokstad Museum, 104 Main Street, Kokstad Kokstad Museum 104 Main Street Kokstad KZN 464 & 463 This building with its Victorian and Ewardian characteristics dates from 1908. It was used as the Pu Provincial Heritage Site
1434 9/2/420/0002-002 Ondini, Ulundi, Mahlabatini District Ondini Mhlabatini District Ulundi KZN After his part in Mpande's successful first incursion into Swaziland in the mid 1840s, Cetshwayo, th Provincial Heritage Site
1435 9/2/423/0007 Dower House, Dower (Cnr Main) Street, Kokstad Dower House Dower (Cnr Main) Street Kokstad KZN 345 This building is historically the most important in Kokstad. This is not only because it was the fir Provisional Protection
1436 9/2/429/0005 St Dominic's Academy Pavilion, St Dominic's Street, Newcastle St Dominic's Pavilion St Dominic's Street Newcastle KZN 382 Of architectural and local historical interest - The pavilion was built in 1916 in the Victorian sty Provincial Heritage Site
1437 9/2/429/0004 Old State School, Albert (Cnr Havelock) Street, Charlestown Old State School Albert Street Charlestown KZN 199 The school was completed in 1904 with further additions later in the same year. This single story rectangular building of plastered brick with corrugated iron roof and verandah, is a good and surviving example of a school building of the period, a notabl Register
1438 9/2/429/0002 Town Hall, Scott Street, Newcastle Newcastle Town Hall Scott Street Newcastle KZN 433 Of architectural and local historical interest - The city hall was designed by William Lucas and ere Provincial Heritage Site
1439 9/2/423/0002 Old Town Hall, Main Street, Kokstad Old Kokstad Town Hall Main Street Kokstad KZN 367 & 368 Designed by Architect Arthur Fyfe, the building is a good example of early Colonial architecture, is Provincial Heritage Site
1440 9/2/423/0001 Matatiele Museum, High Street, Matatiele Matatiele Museum High Street Matatiele KZN 242 This building is one of the few conservation worthy buildings in the town and is also a well-known l Provincial Heritage Site
1441 9/2/429/0008 Old Carnegie Library, Voortrekker Street, Newcastle Carnegie Library Voortrekker Street Newcastle KZN 435 The building was erected in 1915 in the Edwardian style and was designed by the architectural firm o Provincial Heritage Site
1442 9/2/436/0004 Old Pentrich Railway Station, Woods Road, Pietermaritzburg Old Pentrich Railway Station Woods Road Pietermaritzburg KZN 198 One of the oldest NGR station buildings in Natal. Provincial Heritage Site
1443 9/2/436/0072-003 13 Leighton Street, Central, Pietermaritzburg 13 Leighton Street 13 Leighton Street Pietermaritzburg KZN 2714 Heritage Register (KZN Heritage Act)
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