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|+ <big><big>'''Meet our competition jury of judges'''</big></big><br><br>
! colspan="3" style="background: #ffdead;" | PHOTOJOURNALISTS JURY
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[[File:Graeme Williams.jpg|thumb|left|230px|<center><big>'''Graeme Williams'''</big></center>]]
<center><big>'''Graeme Williams: ''Curriculum Vitae'''''</big></center>
In 1989 I was contracted by Reuters to cover South Africa’s transition to ANC rule. In 1991 I began to contribute my photographs to the Southern African documentary collective, Afrapix and later went on to become a founder member and manager of South Photographs Agency. Since the late 80's I have worked on my own photographic projects, at times exhibiting and publishing the completed works. 
My work is housed in the permanent collections of The Smithsonian (USA), The South African National Gallery, The Rotterdam Museum of Ethnology, Duke University (USA), The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, The Finnish School of Photography, Oxfam and Anti-Apartheid Movement in Belgium, Cape Town University, as well as the BHP Billiton Collection and the AngloGold Ashanti Collection.
I have staged solo exhibitions in Johannesburg, New York and Paris and have contributed to many combined exhibitions including the 2011 Figures and Fictions exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. I have also contributed to a number of publications showcasing photography in South Africa and around the world. One of the more recent publications is the Then and Now project (book, film and exhibition), which focuses on eight South African photographers who have contributed to South Africa’s photographic heritage,both before and after the 1994 transition to democracy.
Photographic assignments have taken me to fifty countries and my photographs have been published in major publications worldwide, including National Geographic Magazine, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine and Photography magazine (UK).
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[[File:Mike Ormrod.jpg|thumb|right|300px|<center><big>'''Mike Ormrod of [http://www.ormsdirect.co.za/ Orms]'''</big></center>]]
<center><big>'''Mike Ormrod: ''Curriculum Vitae'''''</big></center>
Orms owner Mike Ormrod started taking photographs in high school. A shrewd businessman from a young age, Mike earned extra pocket money by shooting at functions for family and friends in Grade 11 and 12. Mike's brother Chris was a professional photographer, and Mike joined him when he finished high school. Mike handled his brother's lab as well as acting as a photographer's assistant when required.
In 1996, Mike followed his passion and opened a photographic shop in Cape Town called Orms. His vision has always been to provide professional and amateur photographers alike with the best and latest gear at reasonable prices, and to stock the largest range of products. Orms also strives to keep South African photographers at the forefront of technological advances.
Today Orms has become more than the go-to photography shop for South Africans. It has evolved beyond just selling the best photographic gear and now offers everything from professional printing and framing, to décor solutions and personalized photo gifts. As the creative hub for South African photographers we actively support local photographers and constantly try to create a community experience for customers through our workshops, events, give-aways and competitions.
When asked about his vision for Orms, Mike said: "I want to keep up with current technology and the latest trends. My aim is to stay ahead in the digital world. I also strive to get Orms more involved in the education of future professionals and keen amateurs."
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[[File:Gille.jpeg|thumb|left|250px|<center><big>'''Gille de Vlieg'''</big></center>]]
<center><big>'''Gille de Vlieg: ''Curriculum Vitae'''''</big></center>
In the early 1980s while living in Johannesburg she became politically active and joined the Black Sash, a women’s organisation which fought for Human Rights and against Apartheid. This involvement gave her access to rural communities fighting to retain their land, and this is where she began to photograph.This led to her being invited to join Afrapix, a ‘collective’ of Southern African photographers, where she continued with documentary photography which had a bias towards life on and behind the streets in both rural and urban areas during Apartheid times.
Her images have been published in newspapers, magazines and books nationally and internationally.  From ‘Vukhani Makhozikazi’ (1985) and ‘Beyond the Barricades’ (1989) ‘Women by Women 50 Years of Women’s Photography in South Africa’. (2006), Mandela, The Authorised Portrait (2006), and Tutu, The Authorised Portrait (2011). Her images have been part of collective exhibitions for example: People’s Portraits (SA National Gallery (1985), Radda Barnen (Sweden 1989), Malibongwe (Netherlands 1990), End Conscription Campaign (ECC) (September  2009) NUMSA 2012, and others.  She collated exhibitions including: Human Rights Exhibition (Market Gallery, Johannesburg 1986) and Forced Removals (UCT 1990).
Her first solo exhibition was ‘Rising Up’ September 2006 at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg which was opened by Kate O’Regan, a former Constitutional Court judge. This exhibition was extended, renamed 'Rising Up together' and shown at the Grahamstown Festival in July 2009, and later at the Durban Art Gallery in September 2009. In collaboration with the South African History Archives (SAHA) she exhibited images of Tembisa, Gauteng in Tembisa on Heritage Day, September 2011. This was followed by the Amnesty International exhibition 'Hidden from View' (2011 & 2012).
Her images will be part of the Rise and Fall of Apartheid exhibition at the International Center of Photography, New York opening in September 2012.
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[[File:LaurianBrown.jpg|thumb|right|150px|<center><big>'''Laurian Brown'''</big></center>]]
<center><big>'''Laurian Brown: ''Curriculum Vitae'''''</big></center>
Laurian Brown has been a freelance journalist and department editor on magazines for nearly forty years.  During most of that time she has worked closely with photographers on concepts and shoots  for  fashion, travel, interior and garden features. Over the past 15 years her work has appeared in publications such as House and Leisure, House and Garden and Visi. Brown has also served on selection panels for a number of photographic exhibitions and still spend a good deal of her working week (mostly as Gardens Editor of the Sunday Times) selecting and editing photographs for publication.

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