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Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa
The photo competition for monuments and heritage sites

Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa 2014

The 2014 Winners Are:
Women's Memorial Under Rainy Sky.jpg

Congratulations to our winners!

This year 4013 photographs were submitted to Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa. This is a slight decrease from the 6,432 that were submitted last year but we are very happy with what seems to be the much higher quality of this year's submissions. We would like to thank each of the 94 participants that submitted photographs in 2014.

If you missed this year's competition or would like to participate again in next year's competition then start taking photographs now to submit in Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 in September 2015.

  • You can view all of the photographs submitted during Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa 2014 on Wikimedia Commons here.
  • You can view all of the photographs submitted globally during 2014 on Wikimedia Commons here.

International competition

This year a grand total of 242,344 photographs were submitted by 7,498 participants from all over the world totalling 1,287.9 gigabytes of submitted pictures. This is a decrease from last year's 369,589 photographs that were submitted globally in 2013 submitted by 11,943.

South African Monuments

The number of registered grade I through grade II monuments in South Africa by province. The size of the numbers is loosely relative to the number of registered monuments in each province.

Find your monument's SAHRA-ID

The 3614 national heritage estates in South Africa are categorized into three grades:

  • Grade I:
Heritage resources with qualities so exceptional that they are of special national significance. There are 18 sites in this category.
  • Grade II:
Heritage resources which, although forming part of the national estate, can be considered to have special qualities which make them significant within the context of a province or a region. There are 3019 sites in this category, of which 1500 sites are unmapped.
  • Grade III:
Other heritage resources worthy of conservation. There are 39,145 sites in this category, all of them unmapped.

This competition will target photographing, uploading and categorizing grade I and II monuments. Read more on Commons…

A list of grade I through to grade II monuments in your province and their respective SAHRA ID can be found here.

Suggested monuments

Below is a list of some suggested monuments for participants to photograph of both listed and unlisted locations. As always participants are encouraged to photograph widely as they like and also consider photographing other listed and unlisted locations.

Suggested listed monuments

These locations are all listed grade I and II monuments in South Africa. You can see a list of other monuments nearby by clicking on their respective links.

Suggested unlisted monuments

Unfortunately a number of the suggested unlisted monuments we had recommended previously might be subject to Freedom of Panorama issues. We have therefore asked that pictures of monuments that were built recently not be submitted. We are sorry for the confusion.

Days Left to Wiki Loves Monuments 2015

Competition Rules

  1. The pictures have to be your own work and uploaded by yourself.
  2. Only pictures uploaded during the month of September 2014 are eligible. Uploaded photographs do not have to be taken during September 2014.
  3. Pictures must not have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons before.
  4. Only pictures released under a free license are eligible to participate.
  5. All uploads must show its SAHRA ID number. If they are proposed monuments, use the code "New".
  6. You need to have account at Wikimedia Commons.


National awards

The prizes for Wiki Loves Monuments South Africa are:

  • First Prize
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R10,000.
  • Second Prize
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R6,500.
  • Third Prize
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R4,000.

  • Best Picture of a Proposed Monument
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R3,000.
  • 2nd Best Picture of a Proposed Monument
Vouchers from Orms to the value of R1,500.

  • Best Submission – Western Cape
Vouchers from ORMS to the value of R 4 000.00
  • 2nd Best Submission – Western Cape
Vouchers from ORMS to the value of R 2 000.00

International contest

The national juries will nominate photos for the international contest. International awards can be found here.

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